John Siket


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Year Album Artist
2016 Masculin Feminin Blonde Redhead Mixing
2014 Lion Peter Murphy Mastering, Mixing
2014 The Battle Rages On/Come Hell or High Water Deep Purple Mixing Assistant
2013 Above the Weather Leroy Justice Mixing, Additional Production
2013 True Hallucinations Ex Cops Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2012 Frustration in Time Travel Dumpster Hunter Engineer, Producer
2011 Ninth Peter Murphy Engineer, Mixing
2010 Smash Hits, Vol. 1 moe. Engineer, Mixing
2009 Time Turns Elastic Trey Anastasio / Don Hart Engineer, Mixing
2008 A Very Special Christmas Playlist Plus Mixing
2008 I'm with You/Never Been Rocked Enough Delbert McClinton Engineer
2008 Sticks and Stones moe. Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Photography
2008 The Green Sparrow Mike Gordon Producer, Mixing
2007 Different Kinds of Love Demolition String Band Mixing
2007 Washing Day Adam Levy Engineer, Mixing
2006 No Doy/Tin Cans and Car Tires moe. Engineer
2006 Pale Moon Gang Pale Moon Gang Mixing
2006 The Best of What's Around, Vol. 1 Dave Matthews Band Audio Production
2006 The Destroyed Room: B-Sides and Rarities Sonic Youth Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Automatic Slim Automatic Slim Engineer, Mixing
2005 Out-of-State Plates Fountains of Wayne Engineer, Mixing
2005 Prisoners of Love: A Smattering of Scintillating Senescent Songs: 1985-2003 Yo La Tengo Engineer
2005 Split the Difference More Producer
2004 Corporate Ghost: The Videos 1990-2002 Sonic Youth Producer
2004 Singles Travis Engineer
2004 You Call That Dark Kate Jacobs Mixing
2003 Cookie Man's Laughter Mixing
2003 Jungle Tango The Jazz Mandolin Project Engineer, Mixing
2003 Untold Pete Francis Producer, Mixing, Recording
2002 Bird in a House Railroad Earth Mixing
2002 Historix Prix Engineer
2002 Most Events Aren't Planned/Cj3 Vida Blue Engineer, Mixing
2002 Pork Tornado Pork Tornado Engineer, Mixing
2002 The Big Wet Twang The Supertones Engineer
2002 The Museum of Me, Vol. 1 Chris Butler Engineer, Mixing
2002 Vida Blue Vida Blue Engineer, Mixing
2001 Distorted Lullabies Ours Engineer
2001 Dither moe. Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2001 Live Phish, Vol. 01 Phish Post Production
2001 Live Phish, Vol. 04 Phish Post Production
2001 Live Phish, Vol. 06 Phish Post Production, Post Producer
2001 Live Phish, Vol. 2: 7/16/94, Sugarbush Summerstage, North Fayston, VT Phish Post Production
2001 Live Phish, Vol. 3: 9/14/00 (Darien Lake Peforming Arts Center, Darien Center, NY) Phish Post Production
2001 Live Phish, Vol. 5: 7/8/00, Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI Phish Post Production
2001 Open Road Strangefolk Engineer
2001 Plays and Sings Torch'd Songs, Charivari Hymns and Oriki Blue Chris Lee Mixing
2001 Right Between the Promises Freedy Johnston Engineer, Mixing
2001 Substitute: The Songs of the Who Engineer
2000 Farmhouse Phish Engineer, Mixing
2000 In November Sunlight Soko Engineer, Mixing
2000 L moe. Producer, Mixing
2000 Shades of Purple M2M Engineer, Vocals
2000 So Hi How Are You Big Sister Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 The Siket Disc Phish Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999 Chronicle Kings Earth to Andy Engineer
1999 Everything You Want Vertical Horizon Assistant Engineer
1999 God Save the Smithereens The Smithereens Engineer
1999 Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps): Best Of (1991-1996) Medeski Mixing
1999 Lost and Gone Forever Guster Mixing
1999 One Dog Town Elena Skye Engineer, Mixing
1999 Pokemon: The First Movie Engineer
1999 Suicaine Gratifaction Paul Westerberg Engineer, Mixing
1999 Utopia Parkway Fountains of Wayne Engineer, Mixing
1999 Woodstock 1999 Mixing
1998 More Than Us Travis Engineer
1998 The Story of the Ghost Phish Engineer
1998 Tin Cans and Car Tires moe. Engineer
1998 Wrongs of Passage Debby Schwartz Mixing
1997 A Very Special Christmas, Vol. 3 Mixing
1997 All for Nothing/Nothing for All The Replacements Mixing
1997 Butch The Geraldine Fibbers Mixing
1997 Concerto for Cracked Everyday Electronics and Chamber Orchestra Borbetomagus Engineer
1997 Curtains Tindersticks Engineer, Mixing
1997 Fake Can Be Just as Good Blonde Redhead Mixing
1997 Good Feeling Travis Engineer
1997 Slip, Stitch and Pass Phish Mixing
1997 Suburbia [Geffen] Engineer, Mixing
1997 Tremble Under Boom Lights Jonathan Fire*Eater Engineer, Mixing, Pixiephone
1996 Billy Breathes Phish Engineer, Mixing, Recording
1996 Braille Cycomotogoat Producer, Mixing
1996 Broadcaster Triple Fast Action Engineer
1996 Buy-Product 2: Brief Encounters Producer
1996 Crash Dave Matthews Band Engineer
1996 Elysian Fields Elysian Fields Engineer
1996 Force Ed Schuller Engineer
1996 Hi Fi Way You Am I Engineer
1996 Kingpin Engineer, Mixing
1996 Mu-Point Ed Schuller Engineer, Mixing, Editing
1996 The Maudlin Years Amy Allison Mixing
1995 Blonde Redhead Blonde Redhead Mixing
1995 Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin Engineer
1995 In the Grass Splendora Engineer
1995 Instant Living Health & Happiness Show Engineer
1995 Kings in Disguise Kings in Disguise Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 La Mia Vita Violenta Blonde Redhead Mixing
1995 Let Your Dim Light Shine Soul Asylum Engineer
1995 Lucky Water Third Person Engineer
1995 Picasso David Murray Assistant Engineer
1995 Psychic Hearts Thurston Moore Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1995 Real and Imagined Time Ned Rothenberg Double Band Engineer, Mixing
1995 The Colossal Saxophone Session Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1995 The Crow [Original Soundtrack] Engineer
1995 To Know Where One Is Ed Schuller Engineer, Mixing
1995 Washing Machine Sonic Youth Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1995 Weasel Gutterball Mixing
1994 Airport Love Song Ms. Lum Engineer, Mixing
1994 Alkaline Cycomotogoat Producer, Engineer
1994 Anytime...Anywhere Go to Blazes Mixing
1994 Betty Helmet Engineer
1994 Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star Sonic Youth Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1994 First Flight Out Charles McPherson Assistant Engineer
1994 JC on the Set James Carter Assistant Engineer
1994 Live at the Knitting Factory No Safety Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1994 Love Lust & Trouble Go to Blazes Engineer
1994 Magically Delicious Twelve:01 Engineer
1994 Semi-Precoius Metal Bigfood Engineer, Mixing
1994 Shaker [EP] Yo La Tengo Engineer
1994 Sorry! Catherine Mixing, Guitar, Banjo
1994 The Chateau Chuck Bluerunners Engineer, Mixing
1994 The Crying Tree The Blood Oranges Mixing
1994 This Perfect World Freedy Johnston Engineer
1993 Amethyst Billy Hart Assistant Engineer
1993 Big Off Samm Bennett Engineer, Mixing
1993 Caché Kirk Whalum Assistant Engineer
1993 Excursion Ray Drummond Assistant Engineer
1993 Punk Rock City USA Sleepyhead Engineer
1993 Secret Love Vincent Herring Engineer
1993 Sergio Salvatore Sergio Salvatore Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Assistant
1993 Slo*Blo Cell Producer, Engineer
1993 The Calm Comes After Kate Jacobs Engineer
1993 The Dark Side of Dewey Carl Allen / Manhattan Projects Engineer
1993 The Eleventh Hour Ed Schuller & Band Engineer, Mixing
1993 Tonic Health & Happiness Show Engineer, Mixing
1993 Without Words Renee Rosnes Assistant Engineer
1992 A League of Their Own Engineer
1992 Bee Curlew Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1992 Blues Preacher James Blood Ulmer Assistant Engineer
1992 Can You Fly Freedy Johnston Engineer
1992 Danilo Perez Danilo Pérez Assistant Engineer
1992 Dirty Sonic Youth Mixing Assistant
1992 Lament for Love Ronnie Mathews Assistant Engineer
1992 May I Sing with Me Yo La Tengo Engineer, Mixing
1992 Mood Swings Ben Vaughn Engineer
1992 More Than a Mood Stanley Turrentine Assistant Engineer
1992 Never Been Rocked Enough Delbert McClinton Engineer
1992 Notes from the Underground Medeski Mixing
1992 Nut Cyrus Chestnut Trio Assistant Engineer
1992 Red Sun Dave Valentin Assistant Engineer
1992 Rockabye Robin Holcomb Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1992 Spill No Safety Engineer, Mixing
1992 The Arrival Richard Wyands Trio Assistant Engineer
1992 The Battle Rages On... Deep Purple Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant, Assistant
1992 The Poem Rahn Burton Trio Assistant Engineer
1992 Third Ear Recitation David S. Ware Assistant Engineer
1992 World Music Geoff Keezer Trio Assistant Engineer
1991 Differently Desperate The Hat Shoes Mixing
1991 Everywhere Outside Antietam Recording
1991 Fireworks Chris Stamey Engineer
1991 Mavericks Holsapple-Stamey Engineer, Audio Engineer
1991 Musical Portraits Dave Valentin Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1991 Subsequently Jim Hall Engineer
1990 Confessional Cheepskates Engineer
1990 Dressed in Black Ben Vaughn Assistant Engineer
1990 Fakebook Yo La Tengo Engineer, Photography
1990 Self Destruct Original Sins Engineer
1989 Don't Tell a Soul The Replacements Mixing
1986 Ride the Tiger Yo La Tengo Engineer
Little Fred Roy Nathanson Assistant Engineer
Mr Moonlight Tour: 35 Years of Bauhaus Peter Murphy Mixing, Mastering
Radio Air Play, Vol. 2 Engineer
True Colors Nancy Walker Mixing