Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach

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Bach's music followed the developing conventions of his day; however, as it becomes known, its extraordinary stylistic originality is apparent.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sonata for flute & continuo No. 3 in C major 13:46 Chamber Music
Symphony in D minor 1768 08:44 Symphony
Symphony in E-flat major, HW1/10 11:45 Symphony
Symphony in C major, HW1/6 18:21 Symphony
Sonata for violoncello & continuo in A major 1770 12:33 Chamber Music
Symphony in B flat, HW1/20 1794 23:49 Symphony
Lied im Herbst, for voice & keyboard ("Früh, mit umwölkten Angesicht") (from Münters Geistliche Lieder) 03:03 Vocal Music
Cassandra, cantata for alto voice & ensemble 56:41 Vocal Music
Ah, vous dirai-je, maman, Allegretto con 18 variazioni, for keyboard, W 12/2 10:30 Keyboard
Der Nachbarin Climene, for voice & keyboard (from Musikalisches Vielerley) 01:44 Vocal Music
Die Zeit, for voice & keyboard ("Wenn mich bejahrte Spröden quälen") (from Musikalisches Vielerley) 02:45 Vocal Music
Lied im Sommer, for voice & keyboard ("Der Sonne Glut hat wieder") (from Münters Geistliche Lieder) 03:21 Vocal Music
Harpsichord Sonata in D major 1785 10:06 Keyboard
Neujahrslied, for voice & keyboard ("Wie en Adler fleucht zur Speise") (from Münters Geistliche Lieder) 02:13 Vocal Music
Sonata for flute & keyboard in D minor 1777 19:52 Chamber Music
Sonata for flute & continuo No. 6 in B flat major 16:06 Chamber Music
Lied im Winter, for voice & keyboard ("Gott winkt: so stürzen Regengüsse") (from Münters Geistliche Lieder) 02:46 Vocal Music
Der Sieg über sich selbst, for voice & keyboard ("Hört zu! Ich will die Weisheit singen") (from Musikalisches Vielerley) 01:50 Vocal Music
Trio Sonata for flute, viola & continuo in E minor, HW 7 (BR B13) 1760 15:20 Chamber Music
Lied im Frühlinge, for voice & keyboard ("Hoch am Himmel steht die Sonne") (from Münters Geistliche Lieder) 02:32 Vocal Music
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