Jimmy Bralower


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Year Album Artist
2018 Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Drum Machine
2017 80's & 90's Club Hits Composer
2017 Got Soul Robert Randolph / Robert Randolph & the Family Band Composer
2015 Forever Man Eric Clapton Drum Programming
2015 Kind of New Ingrid Jensen / Jason Miles Mixing
2014 Best Love... Ever!, Vol. 2 Drums
2014 The Essential R. Kelly R. Kelly Drum Programming
2014 Top 100 90s Drums
2013 Rise Up: Colors of Peace Arranger, Composer, Drums, Mixing, Producer
2013 Sly Reimagined: The Music of Sly & the Family Stone Global Noize Mixing
2012 Chinese Wall/Inside Out Philip Bailey Drums, Percussion, Sequencing
2012 Enough Is Enough/Hear & Now/Creatures of Habit Billy Squier Drum Programming
2012 Real Love Ryan Shaw Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Composer
2011 Rover's Return John Waite Drum Programming
2011 The Complete Columbia Albums Collection Wayne Shorter Drum Programming, Percussion Programming
2011 The Essential Celine Dion Céline Dion Drum Programming, Drums, Percussion, Track Arrangement
2011 The Essential Meat Loaf Meat Loaf Drum Programming
2010 It Gets Better Ryan Shaw Composer
2010 Rock and Roll Garden Bari Koral Band / Bari Koral Family Rock Band Mixing, Mastering
2010 Sex and the City, Vol. 2 Composer
2009 Do What You Want, Be What You Are: The Music of Daryl Hall & John Oates Daryl Hall & John Oates Drum Programming
2009 Greatest Hits Jaci Velasquez Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2009 Old Skool Hip Hop: Greatest [DVD] Composer
2009 The Collection: Let's Talk About Love/Falling into You/A New Day Has Come Céline Dion Arranger, Drums, Percussion, Track Arrangement
2008 Box 2008 Céline Dion Composer
2008 Greatest Hits [Steel Box Collection] Bonnie Tyler Main Personnel
2008 Greatest Hits [Steel Box Collection] Cyndi Lauper Audio Production, Main Personnel
2008 Hip Hop Anniversay Europe Tour: Kurtis Blow Live [DVD] Kurtis Blow Composer
2008 My Love: Essential Collection Céline Dion Arranger, Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming, Track Arrangement, Composer
2008 One Hell of a Ride [Box Set] Willie Nelson Drum Samples
2008 Original Album Classics Cyndi Lauper Audio Production, Main Personnel
2008 Playlist: Woman Percussion
2008 Yes We Can! Maria Muldaur Engineer
2007 Complete Clapton Eric Clapton Drum Machine, Drum Programming
2007 Discover Cyndi Lauper Cyndi Lauper Main Personnel
2007 This Is Ryan Shaw Ryan Shaw Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Audio Production, Editing, Main Personnel, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Vocals (Background), Digital Editing, Composer
2006 Black Eve Composer
2006 The Last of the Rock Stars Ronnie Spector Mastering
2006 What's Going On? Jason Miles Producer, Engineer, Drum Programming
2005 Chronicles Cher Drums
2005 Love/Stray Aztec Camera Drums, Drum Programming
2005 The Ultimate Collection Michael McDonald Drum Programming
2004 Faster Than the Speed of Night/Secret Dreams & Forbidden Fire Bonnie Tyler Drums, Percussion
2004 Play the Videos Peter Gabriel Linn
2004 Reflections: Carly Simon's Greatest Hits Carly Simon Percussion, Drum Programming
2004 Tanz der Vampire: Das Musical [Der Gesamtaufnahme] Drum Programming
2004 The Collection Cyndi Lauper Arranger, Main Personnel, Guitar, Percussion, Drum Programming, Beat Box, Linn Drum, Composer
2003 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Kingdom Come Kingdom Come Drums
2003 Aaron's Party (Come Get It)/Oh Aaron Aaron Carter Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion
2003 Anthology Jimmy Cliff Producer, Remixing
2003 Best of Diana King Diana King Producer
2003 Different for Girls Leslie Mills Producer, Assistant, A&R
2003 Great Cyndi Lauper Cyndi Lauper Composer
2003 Hit Peter Gabriel Drums, Programmer
2003 New Frontiers Sean Grace Drum Programming
2003 New York Knicks: Go New York Go, Vol. 1 Composer
2003 Party Beats Disney Composer
2003 Superstar Kidz Disney Composer
2003 The Best of Kurtis Blow - 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection Kurtis Blow Composer
2003 The Day You Went Away: The Best of M2M [Bonus VCD] M2M Composer
2003 The R. in R&B Collection, Vol. 1 R. Kelly Drum Programming
2003 While You Can Lucy Woodward A&R
2002 ...Baby One More Time/Oops!...I Did It Again Britney Spears Drum Programming
2002 All Sides LMNT Producer, Engineer, Drums, Executive Producer, A&R
2002 Anthology Carly Simon Percussion, Drum Programming
2002 Best Of...Rappin' Kurtis Blow Composer
2002 Best of Both Worlds: The Robert Palmer Anthology (1974-2001) Robert Palmer Percussion
2002 Capitol Records 1942-2002 [Deluxe Box Set] Percussion
2002 Festivalbar 2002: Compilation Blu Composer
2002 From the Inside Laura Pausini Producer, Engineer, Editing, Drums
2002 Like Mike [Original Soundtrack] Composer
2002 Max 9 MAX 9 Composer
2002 Radio Disney: Kid Jams, Vol. 5 Disney Producer, Composer
2002 She's So Unusual/True Colours Cyndi Lauper Arranger, Drum Machine, Percussion, Beat Box, Composer
2002 The Big Room M2M Producer, Mixing, A&R, Composer
2002 US Ryuichi Sakamoto Drum Programming
2002 Unison/Celine Dion/The Colour of My Love Céline Dion Drums, Composer
2001 Buzz Steps Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Drum Programming
2001 Buzz [Single] Steps Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Drum Programming
2001 MTV's Spyder Games Producer
2001 New York Knicks Collection Composer
2001 Radio Disney: Kid Jams, Vol. 3 Disney Composer
2001 Shindig Live Pops Fernandez Composer
2001 The Beat: Go-Go's Fusion of Funk and Hip Hop Composer
2001 The Very Best of Miki Howard Miki Howard Drum Programming
2001 Their Greatest Hits: The Record Bee Gees Programming
2001 Unplugged/Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton Eric Clapton Drum Machine, Drum Programming
2000 Aaron's Party (Come Get It) Aaron Carter Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion
2000 Aaron's Party (Come Get It) Aaron Carter Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion
2000 All the Way: A Decade of Song [Video/DVD] Céline Dion Composer
2000 Back In The Day: The Birth Of Rap Composer
2000 Best Ballads Sheena Easton Drums
2000 Black & Blue Backstreet Boys Drum Programming
2000 Decade of Song & Video Céline Dion Composer
2000 Hip Hop Madness Composer
2000 Holographic Mix Composer
2000 Old School Rap, Vols. 1-4 [Box Set] Composer
2000 Personality Hit Parade Engineer
2000 Shades of Purple M2M Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Drums, Drum Programming, Executive Producer, Composer
2000 Superdance Hits, Vol. 2 Composer
2000 Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology Laurie Anderson Drums
2000 The Collector's Series, Vol. 1 Céline Dion Drums
2000 The Voice of Michael McDonald Michael McDonald Drum Programming
1999 ...Baby One More Time Britney Spears Drum Programming
1999 All the Way: A Decade of Song Céline Dion Arranger, Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming, Track Arrangement
1999 Ca Ne Tient Pas Debout Michel Berger Programming
1999 Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton Eric Clapton Drum Machine, Drum Programming
1999 Don't Say You Love Me/Give a Little Love M2M Producer, Composer
1999 Live in Memphis Céline Dion Composer
1999 Love Me in Black Doro Producer
1999 Pokemon: The First Movie Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming, Composer
1999 Three for One Box Set Madonna Drum Programming, Simmons Drums
1999 Ultimate Collection Jimmy Cliff Remixing
1999 Very Best of the 90's [Global TV] Producer, Arranger
1999 WWF Music Box Set Drums
1999 Wrestling Album [Koch] Drums
1998 Basketball's Greatest Hoop Hits Composer
1998 Box Hits '98 Producer, Arranger
1998 Bridge/Storm Front/Nylon Curtain Billy Joel Percussion
1998 Crush Remixes Jennifer Paige Producer, Arranger
1998 Jaci Velasquez Jaci Velasquez Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 Jennifer Paige Jennifer Paige Producer, Arranger, Drum Programming
1998 Leaving on a Jet Plane Chantal Kreviazuk Drum Programming
1998 Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life! Cyndi Lauper Audio Production
1998 My Heart Will Go On Céline Dion Composer
1998 R. R. Kelly Drum Programming
1998 Rockin' Sports Jams Composer
1998 The Best of Dance '98 [Telstar] Producer, Arranger
1998 The Very Best of Meatloaf Meat Loaf Drum Programming
1998 These Are Special Times Céline Dion Main Personnel, Programming, Drum Programming
1997 Blue Cinderella Kami Lyle Programming
1997 Free (Yes I'm Free) Nancey Jackson Drum Programming
1997 Heads & Tales Laurie Sargent Percussion
1997 My Best Friend's Wedding [Original Soundtrack] Producer
1997 Night of Love Millennia Drum Programming
1997 Rap's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 Sense and Sensuality Nicky Holland Producer, Mixing, Drum Programming
1997 She's So Unusual/True Colors/Hat Full of Stars Cyndi Lauper Arranger, Drum Machine, Percussion, Drum Programming, Beat Box, Composer
1997 Sisters of Avalon Cyndi Lauper Drums
1997 Speed 2: Cruise Control Producer
1997 Still Waters Bee Gees Drum Programming, Drum Loop, Ride Cymbal
1997 The Complete Hits Collection 1973-1997 Billy Joel Percussion
1996 Falling into You Céline Dion Arranger, Drums, Percussion
1996 Free Spirit Bonnie Tyler Drum Programming
1996 I Was Dog Love in Reverse Drum Programming, Associate Producer
1996 I Was Here Love in Reverse Producer, Drum Programming
1996 NBA at 50: A Musical Celebration Composer
1996 Now in a Minute Donna Lewis Producer, Mixing, Drums, Drum Programming
1996 Reach for the Sky: The Anthology Billy Squier Drum Programming
1996 Street Jams: Hip-Hop From the Top, Vol. 1-4 Composer
1995 Bette of Roses Bette Midler Drum Programming
1995 Carrackter Reference Paul Carrack Drum Programming
1995 Colour of My Love Live Concert Video Céline Dion Composer
1995 Old School Rap, Vol. 2 [Thump] Composer
1995 Rap: 10 Years of Gold Composer
1995 Tales from the Poison Swamps Z'ev Rhythm Section
1995 The Finer Things Steve Winwood Programming
1995 To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Producer
1995 Twelve Deadly Cyns...and Then Some Cyndi Lauper Producer, Arranger, Drum Programming
1995 You Sleigh Me: Alternative Christmas Hits Engineer, Programming
1994 Dreams in Motion Felix Cavaliere Drum Programming
1994 Hey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun) Cyndi Lauper Producer
1994 Letters Never Sent Carly Simon Drum Programming
1994 Misled Céline Dion Composer
1994 Push Bill Evans Drum Programming
1994 Stir It Up [Columbia] Producer
1994 The Best of Kurtis Blow Kurtis Blow Drums, Composer
1994 The Wrestling Album [Epic] Drums
1994 Worl-A-Girl Worl-A-Girl Producer, Arranger, Remixing
1993 Across the Borderline Willie Nelson Sampling
1993 After All Is Said and Done O.C. Smith Synthesizer, Drums, Drum Programming
1993 All I Want Is Everything: The Best of Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes Drum Programming
1993 Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell Meat Loaf Drums
1993 Blink of an Eye Michael McDonald Arranger, Drums, Drum Programming
1993 Carly Simon's Romulus Hunt: A Family Opera Carly Simon Producer, Drums
1993 Cool Runnings Producer, Remastering
1993 Love Times Three Jackson/Smith/Gooding Drum Programming
1993 Maria Christensen Maria Christensen Drums
1993 Meant to Be in Love Cuba Gooding Drums, Drum Programming
1993 The Colour of My Love Céline Dion Drums, Composer
1993 Transformation to the House of Zekkariyas Womack & Womack Drums
1993 Vibes of the Time Tony Rebel Remixing, Programming
1993 You Hold the Key Beth Nielsen Chapman Programming, Drum Programming
1992 A Hat Full of Stars Cyndi Lauper Drum Programming
1992 Her Greatest Hits Belinda Carlisle Percussion
1992 Jenni Muldaur Jenni Muldaur Arranger
1992 Rush [Original Score] Eric Clapton Drum Machine
1992 Street Jams: Hip-Hop from the Top, Vol. 2 Composer
1991 Baby's Nursery Rhymes Phylicia Rashad Drums
1991 Creatures of Habit Billy Squier Drum Programming
1991 Different Story Deborah Blando Drums
1991 Hearts of Fire New York Voices Programming
1991 Russ Irwin Russ Irwin Synthesizer, Drum Programming
1991 Stranger in This Town Richie Sambora Keyboards, Programming
1991 What Comes Naturally Sheena Easton Drums
1990 Beauty Ryuichi Sakamoto Drum Programming
1990 Change of Season Daryl Hall & John Oates Drums, Drum Programming
1990 Hands of Time Kingdom Come Drums
1990 Have You Seen Me Lately? Carly Simon Programming, Drum Programming
1990 Michel Berger: La Legende de Jimmy Michel Berger Drums
1990 Now You See It...Now You Don't Michael Brecker Drum Programming
1990 Paint Another Picture Darlene Love Programming
1990 Place Like This Robbie Nevil Drums
1990 Requiem for the Americas: Songs from the Lost World Synthesizer Percussion
1990 Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats Peter Gabriel Linn
1989 A Night to Remember Cyndi Lauper Arranger, Drum Programming
1989 Circle Back Home Tom Kimmel Programming, Drum Programming
1989 Coming in for the Kill Climie Fisher Drum Programming
1989 Fools Gold The Stone Roses Programming
1989 Groove Approved Paul Carrack Producer, Drums
1989 Journeyman Eric Clapton Drum Programming
1989 Rock the House Nicole Programming
1989 Something Real Phoebe Snow Drum Machine
1989 Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films Drums, Programming
1989 Strange Angels Laurie Anderson Drums, Programming, Drum Programming
1988 Boulevard Voyeur Percussion, Drum Overdubs, Drum Sounds
1988 Brian Wilson Brian Wilson Shaker, Programming, Drum Programming
1988 C.K. Chaka Khan Drum Programming
1988 Heaven on Earth Donna Allen Drum Programming
1988 Heaven on Earth Belinda Carlisle Percussion
1988 Longhouse Longhouse Programming
1988 Oasis Roberta Flack Drums
1988 Ooh Yeah! Daryl Hall & John Oates Programming, Drum Programming, Sequencing
1988 Roadhouse John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band Drums
1988 Roll with It Steve Winwood Drum Machine, Percussion
1988 Scenes from the Southside Bruce Hornsby / Bruce Hornsby & the Range Drum Programming
1987 Cher [1987] Cher Drums
1987 Collaboration George Benson / Earl Klugh Drum Programming
1987 Come Share My Love Miki Howard Drum Programming
1987 Coming Around Again Carly Simon Drum Machine, Percussion, Programming
1987 Female Trouble Nona Hendryx Drums
1987 Heart Over Mind Jennifer Rush Drums, Drum Machine
1987 Is There Rockin' in This House Terri Gonzalez Drum Programming
1987 Jude Cole Jude Cole Programming
1987 Love Aztec Camera Drum Programming, Drums
1987 Never Never Land Simon F. Programming
1987 Rover's Return John Waite Drum Programming
1987 Voices Karen Kamon Percussion
1986 Back in the High Life Steve Winwood Drums, Programming, Drum Programming
1986 Destiny Chaka Khan Drum Machine, Drum Programming
1986 Enough Is Enough Billy Squier Drums, Drum Programming
1986 Good Music Joan Jett / Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Guest Artist, Drums
1986 Gravity Is Mutual Scott Merritt Percussion
1986 Home of the Brave Laurie Anderson Drums
1986 Inside Out Philip Bailey Drums, Percussion
1986 L Is for Lover Al Jarreau Drums, Percussion, Musician
1986 Magnetic Steps Ahead Programming, Drum Programming
1986 Phantom Navigator Wayne Shorter Drums, Percussion, Drum Programming
1986 Reconciled The Call Programming, Drum Programming
1986 Secret Dreams & Forbidden Fire Bonnie Tyler Drums, Percussion
1986 So Peter Gabriel Synthesizer, Linn, Drums
1986 Sweet Freedom: The Best of Michael McDonald Michael McDonald Drum Programming
1986 The Breaks Kurtis Blow Composer
1986 The Bridge Billy Joel Percussion
1986 The Secret Value of Daydreaming Julian Lennon Guest Artist, Percussion
1986 Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine Daryl Hall Drum Programming
1986 True Colors Cyndi Lauper Arranger, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Performer, Beat Box, Linn Drum, Composer
1986 Zazu Rosie Vela Drums, Percussion
1985 B-Movie Matinee Nile Rodgers Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar (Rhythm), Performer, Composer
1985 Do You Sheena Easton Drums
1985 Greatest Hits, Vols. 1-2 (1973-1985) Billy Joel Percussion
1985 Live at the Apollo with David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks Daryl Hall & John Oates Saxophone, Synthesizer
1985 Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill Drum Programming
1985 Spoiled Girl Carly Simon Drums
1985 The Heat Nona Hendryx Drum Machine, Simmons Drums, Linn Drum
1985 The Power Station The Power Station Additional Personnel, Percussion
1985 Tough All Over John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band Drums, Drum Sounds
1985 Video A Go-Go, Vol. 2 [video] Composer
1985 Wanna Play Your Game Joyce Kennedy Drums
1985 When the Boys Meet the Girls Sister Sledge Drums, Percussion
1984 Big Bam Boom Daryl Hall & John Oates Additional Personnel, Saxophone, Synthesizer, Drums, Drum, Linn Drum
1984 Ego Trip Kurtis Blow Composer
1984 Eric Carmen [1984] Eric Carmen Drum Programming
1984 Like a Virgin Madonna Programming, Drum Programming
1984 Mood Swing The Nails Drums
1984 Orion the Hunter Orion the Hunter Keyboards, Synthesizer
1984 Public Life Eddie Schwartz Drums
1984 She Went Pop I Am Siam Programming
1983 Hello Big Man Carly Simon Drums, Linn Drum
1983 Rock 'n Soul, Pt. 1: Greatest Hits Daryl Hall & John Oates Saxophone, Synthesizer
1983 Trash It Up Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes Synthesizer, Drums
1982 New Jersey Joe Piscopo Drum Programming
1981 Deuce Kurtis Blow Composer
1980 Kurtis Blow Kurtis Blow Main Personnel, Drums, Tom-Tom, Unknown Instrument, Composer
1st Quarter In-Store Sampler Composer
90s: 60 Definitive Hits [Rhino] Drums
Block Party Flava: Hip Hop Back In The Day Composer
Chartbuster Karaoke: All Songs In the Style of Celine Dion Volume 2 Composer
Common Bond Mark Rivera Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Liner Notes, Composer, Drum Programming, Drums, Percussion
Foreign Papers Gerard McMann Drums
GRP 30: The Digital Master Company 30th Anniversary Drum Programming
Glamour Camp Glamour Camp Percussion
Heart Full of Soul The Soul Survivors Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Editing, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion
Hver gang vi møtes, Sesong 2: Marion Ravns dag Composer
I Like It Like That Dennis Angel Mixing
In Between Ryan Shaw Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Drums, Mastering, Pro-Tools, Composer
Jet Samba Rebecca Angel Mixing
Jubilation Dennis Angel Mixing
Lights on Price-Sulton Drums
Music Movement Kids Yoga Bari Koral Family Rock Band Mixing, Mastering
My Favorite Time of the Year Rebecca Angel Mixing
No Lies E.P.M. Drums, Programming
On Track Dennis Angel Mixing
Power Ballads: The Collection Drums
Radio Air Play, Vol. 2 Arranger, Composer, Drums, Engineer, Lyricist, Producer
Return of the 90s Drums
Serenity Dennis Angel Mixing
Shades Of Purple M2M Composer
The Day You Went Away: The Best of M2M M2M Arranger, Composer, Producer
Then I Saw Frankenstein Ann-dee Percussion
Top Hits/90's Only Number 1's Drums
Top Hits/Ballads & Love Songs 80's & 90's Drums
Twelve Inch 90s: Loaded Composer
Whata' Wonderful One Hit Wonders Drums
Women Voices [Warner] Drums