Jesse Zubot

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Year Album Artist
2020 A Separation of Being JOYFULTALK Engineer, Strings, Performer
2018 Echos Joshua Hyslop Violin
2018 In Another Life Sandro Perri Viola, Violin
2018 Lucky Hand Steve Dawson Producer, Violin, Horn, Woodwind Arrangement, String Quartet, Mixing
2018 Stand Above the Streams Jason Sharp Producer, Mixing, Violin
2016 1 Off World Violin, Viola
2015 Animism Tanya Tagaq Producer, Violin, Viola, Synthesizer, Programming, Bass, Mixing Engineer
2015 Club Meds Dan Mangan / Dan Mangan + Blacksmith Violin
2015 Pickpocket's Locket Frog Eyes Violin, Viola
2015 Poison Season Destroyer Arranger, Editing, Violin, Viola, String Mixing
2014 No One Is Lost Stars Primary Artist, Strings, String Arrangements
2014 On Sunset Nicholas Krgovich Violin
2014 Reflective Drive Subtle Lip Can Mastering
2013 Clover Jadea Kelly String Arrangements
2013 The Midnight Mass Louise Burns Violin
2013 Vertigo Danielle Marie Mandolin
2012 Boy on Bridge Alan Doyle Mandolin, Violin, Viola
2012 Darlingford Cara Luft Engineer, Violin
2012 Her Eyes Illuminate Gordon Grdina / Gordon Grdina's Haram Violin, Electronics
2012 The North Stars Arranger, Cello, Engineer, Guest Artist, Viola, Violin
2012 The Sticks Mother Mother Violin
2011 Anuraaqtuq Tanya Tagaq Alto, Violin, Gravure, Composer
2011 Bright & Vivid Kathryn Calder Violin, Strings
2011 EUREKA Mother Mother Violin
2011 Oh, Fortune Dan Mangan Violin
2011 The Man With Flowering Hands Dixie's Death Pool Mastering
2010 Immé Alpha Yaya Diallo Engineer, Mixing, Additional Production, Handclapping, Mandolin, Viola, Violin
2010 The Early Widows Justin Rutledge Mandolin, Violin, Viola, Soundscape
2009 Breathing of Statues Gordon Grdina Violin
2009 City Of Fire City of Fire Violin
2009 Forte Destino3 Violin
2009 Masters of the Burial Amy Millan Violin
2009 My Walking Stick Jim Byrnes Viola, Violin
2009 The Perilous Beauty of Madness Dark Blue World Violin, Strings, Effects
2009 Things About Comin' My Way: A Tribute to the Music of the Mississippi Sheiks Violin, Fiddle, Viola
2008 Auk/Blood Tanya Tagaq Composer
2008 Country Hits 2009 Fiddle
2008 The Contradictor Ndidi Onukwulu Producer, Arranger, Strings, Vocals (Background), String Arrangements
2008 The Ultimate Frog Jim McAuley Executive Producer
2008 This Riot Life Veda Hille Violin, String Arrangements
2008 Way Out Northwest John Butcher Layout Design
2007 After the City Has Gone: Quiet Chris Gestrin Main Personnel, Violin
2007 Band of Rebels Joe Shithead Keithley Member of Attributed Artist, Violin
2007 Food, Booze And Entertainment The Great Outdoors Violin
2007 In Our Bedroom, After the War Stars Violin
2007 In the Light Mariam Matossian Violin
2007 Jalopy Joey Wright Mandolin, Fiddle
2007 Nothing Fancy Jessie Farrell Mandolin, Fiddle
2007 Pearls Before Swine Tony Wilson Sextet Producer, Mixing, Violin, Mastering
2007 Plays Secret Mommy Violin
2007 Release the Saviours Fond of Tigers Violin, Group Member
2007 Situation Lily Frost Violin
2007 The Furniture Moves Underneath Inhabitants Producer, Mixing
2007 World of Beauty Kevin House Violin, String Arrangements
2006 Birthday Party The Winks Violin
2006 Dementia Jesse Zubot Primary Artist, Engineer, Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Layout Design, Sound Design, Composer
2006 Hello Love The Be Good Tanyas Guest Artist, Fiddle
2006 House of Refuge Jim Byrnes Main Personnel, Mandolin, Fiddle, Member of Attributed Artist
2006 How They Fly Great Aunt Ida Arranger, Violin
2006 Saturday Night Blues: 20 Years Fiddle
2006 Sugar Coco Love Alcorn Violin
2006 Tunesmith Retrofit Kelly Joe Phelps Guest Artist, Fiddle
2005 Dust Bowl Revival Ox Violin
2005 Green Dress Wayne Lavallee Main Personnel, Mandolin, Violin
2005 Pink Pill Program Bradley Mixing, Violin, Mastering
2005 We Belong to the Gold Coast Steve Dawson / Steve Dawson Violin, String Arrangements
2005 Zubotta Zubotta Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Synthesizer, Programming, Sampling, Art Direction, Composer
2004 CBC Radio 3: Sessions, Vol. 1 Guitar
2004 Fresh Horses Jim Byrnes Mandolin, Violin, Fiddle
2004 Poor Boy: Songs of Nick Drake Main Personnel, Violin
2004 Songs of Life Kenny Hess Fiddle
2004 The Dawn of a New Error Ben Rogers Fiddle
2004 Visions of Paradise Greg Joy Violin
2004 Waiting for the Sun Val Lerroy Fiddle
2003 Atlas Travel Don Rooke Mandolin
2003 Blow the House Down Great Uncles of the Revolution Mandolin, Violin, Group Member
2003 Greatest Find Colleen Sexton Mandolin, Violin
2003 Late Nights, Early Mornings Bottleneck Violin
2003 Love This Time Buttless Chaps Violin
2003 Po' Girl Po' Girl Fiddle
2003 Project 33 Chris Tarry Drum Programming, Group Member
2003 Rough Guide to the Music of Canada Fiddle, Composer
2003 Slingshot Professionals Kelly Joe Phelps Mandolin, Violin
2003 Vivid Cooldown Strings
2002 All the Way Home Radiogram Arranger, Violin, Violin Effects
2002 Bottomland Allen Dobb Mandolin
2002 Chicken Scratch Zubot & Dawson Mandolin, Fiddle, Sampling
2002 Let's Play! Raffi Violin
2002 Winds of Change Greg Joy Violin
2001 Fearless Universal Honey Strings, Keyboards, Programming, String Arrangements
2001 Great Uncles of the Revolution Stand Up! Great Uncles of the Revolution Violin
2001 Remembering Leadbelly Long John Baldry Mandolin, Violin, Fiddle
2001 STRANG Zubot & Dawson Producer, Mandolin, Fiddle, Programming, Bass, Composer
2001 Tractor Parts: Further Adventures in STRANG Zubot & Dawson Producer, Mandolin, Violin, Fiddle, Synthesizer, Programming, Slide Mandolin, Loop, Delay, Composer
2001 Two Weeks From Everywhere Chris Springer Engineer, Violin, Programming, Sampling
2000 Celtic Passion Greg Joy Violin
2000 Christmas Songs [Nettwerk] Violin
2000 Postcards Tom Landa & the Paperboys / The Paperboys Member of Attributed Artist, Mandolin, Fiddle
1998 A Small Good Thing Bocephus King Mandolin, Violin
A Boat Upon Its Blood Jason Sharp Mixing, Editing, Mastering, Drum Machine, Synthesizer
Aorta Tanya Tagaq Composer
At Rosedale United The Element Choir Violin
Beast To Bone The Sands Producer, Mixing, Violin, Mastering
Burnout Ox Violin
Centre Tanya Tagaq Composer
Cult Classic Jon Bryant Violin
Different After Dawn Connor McGuire Violin
Erie Changys Tanya Tagaq Composer
Feast of Panthers Ensign Broderick Musician, String Arrangements
Hector & the Search for Happiness Composer, Primary Artist
IC Victory Ford Pier Fiddle
Love & Lust Jadea Kelly String Arrangements
Mary Magdalene Crackling Violin
Mountain Tiger Wolf Bradley String Arrangements, Violin
Retribution Tanya Tagaq Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Arranger, Bass, Clapping, Composer, Drums, Noise, Programming, Sounds, Strings, Synthesizer, Viola, Violin
Retribution Commentary Tanya Tagaq Composer
Rock 'N' Roll Indian Cowboy: Trail Of Tears Wayne Lavallee Fiddle
Silents Andrew Downing Violin
Sings Wasted Love Songs Bob Sumner Strings
The Escape Ndidi O / Ndidi Onukwulu Arranger, Composer
The Best of the Stony Plain Years Long John Baldry Violin
The Sojourners Sojourners Mandolin
Trace Little Annie String Arrangements, Viola, Violin
Treize Vivian Houle Producer, Mixing, Violin
Trick of the Light Dana Sipos Violin
Uja Tanya Tagaq Composer
Uninhabit Fond of Tigers Producer, Mixing, Violin, Electronics
Where You Need to Be Glenn Chatten Primary Artist