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Year Album Artist
2020 Reliever William Prince Engineer, Mixing
2016 By Heart Robyn & Ryleigh Mastering
2009 Brave Belt I/Brave Belt II Brave Belt Remastering
2008 The Orchid Highway The Orchid Highway Mastering
2008 The Arc Young and Sexy Mastering
2008 Running Late Tom Taylor Mastering Engineer
2008 Ride The Last of the Bad Men Mastering
2008 Nowhere Now Here Dream Noveau Mastering
2008 Northern Avenger D.O.A. Mastering
2008 Melody Diachun EQ Melody Diachun Mastering
2008 Death Was Too Kind The Subhumans Mastering
2008 Clean Martone Mastering
2008 Cartography Buttless Chaps Mastering
2008 Another Noon Jon & Roy Mastering
2008 Alive in Seattle Candlebox Mastering
2007 When the Aliens Come Martone Mastering
2007 Vancouver Mike Allen / Mike Allen Quartet Mastering
2007 The Szabo Songbook Heartbreak Scene Mastering
2007 Strong as Diamonds Wade Imre Morissette Mastering
2007 Streets with No Lights Dustin Bentall Mastering
2007 Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner Shapes and Sizes Mastering
2007 Someday Nazanin Mastering
2007 Punk Rock Singles 1978-99 D.O.A. Mastering
2007 Nowhere Is Safe... The Last of the Bad Men Mastering
2007 Nothing Is Free Carolyn Mark Mastering
2007 No One Will Know Bella Mastering
2007 Lose All Time You Say Party! We Say Die! Mastering
2007 In the Light Mariam Matossian Mastering
2007 Halcyon Days The Paper Cranes Mixing, Mastering
2007 Gassy Jack and Other Tales Evaporators Mastering
2007 First Excommunications Elizabeth Mastering
2007 Cure For The Common Crush Id Guinness Mastering
2007 Asunción Pacifika Mastering
2006 Where Night Holds Light Buttless Chaps Mastering
2006 Waiting for the Sun Anthill Mastering
2006 Waiting for the Real Thing The Pointed Sticks Digital Mastering
2006 Wait and Pray Insane Mastering
2006 The Pucture Plane Hinterland Mastering
2006 The Kitchen The Kitchen Mastering
2006 Sugar Coco Love Alcorn Mastering
2006 Sorry to Be Strange Chris Tarry / The Chris Tarry Group Mastering
2006 Shut Up and Drive The Flairs Mastering
2006 Shapes and Sizes Shapes and Sizes Mastering
2006 Sentimental Maniac Geoff Gibbons Mastering
2006 Reunion Daniel Lapp Mastering
2006 Purity Mythos Mastering
2006 Panic When You Find It Young and Sexy Mastering
2006 O9H One-900 Mastering, Digital Engineer
2006 Marq Desouza Marq Desouza Mastering
2006 Hit the Floor! You Say Party! We Say Die! Mastering
2006 Hinterland Old Man Luedecke Mastering
2006 Destroyer's Rubies Destroyer Mastering
2006 Depression River [Deluxe Edition] Leeroy Stagger Mastering
2006 Buchan Bluegrass The Tiller's Folly Mastering
2006 Blood Music Dead Celebrity Status Mastering
2006 Birthday Party The Winks Mastering
2005 You Know You Want It A Single Few Mastering
2005 Weight of Words The Town Pants Mastering
2005 United We Fall Sweatshop Union Mastering
2005 Time Slips Away Champion Mastering
2005 The Golden Skies Maplewood Lane Mastering
2005 Tell Me Why Kayle Mastering
2005 Skylines North Atlantic Explorers Mastering
2005 Shape to Form Portico Mastering
2005 Rosetown Allen Dobb Mastering
2005 Roots Angela Harris Mastering
2005 Postcards and Daydreaming Dan Mangan Mastering
2005 Ones and Zeroes Immaculate Machine Mastering
2005 Kiss the World Catlow Mastering
2005 Ghost Pirates Without Heads [EP] P:ano Mastering
2005 Fashion of Fear Nim Vind Mixing, Mastering
2005 Fabriclive.23 Death in Vegas Mastering
2005 Djama Alpha Yaya Diallo Mastering
2005 Complications: Trilogy of Intricacy Age of Silence Mastering
2005 Brigadoon P:ano Mastering
2005 Boy-Cott-In the Industry Classified Mastering
2005 All Children Believe in Heaven Bocephus King Mastering
2005 Ablum by Duplex! Duplex! Mastering
2005 A Softer Landing Perpetual Dream Theory Mastering
2005 A Fine Kettle of Fish [Bonus DVD] The Tiller's Folly Mastering
2004 Your Blues Destroyer Mastering
2004 Yellow Tape Instrumentals Evidence Mastering
2004 Vancouver Complication Mastering
2004 Vagabond Lullabies Po' Girl Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2004 The Slow Wonder A.C. Newman Mastering
2004 The Imaginary Direction of Time Winds Mastering
2004 The Dawn of a New Error Ben Rogers Mastering
2004 Sunday Anthems The Neins Circa Mastering
2004 Starlight Shuffle Courtney Wing Digital Mastering
2004 Serve the Devil, Praise the Lord Buc Fifty Mastering
2004 Ripple Rock Evaporators Mastering
2004 Mutiny in Stereo The Smugglers Mastering
2004 Lyrics of Fury, Vol. 3 Mastering
2004 Live Free or Die D.O.A. Mastering
2004 Far from Home Mariam Matossian Mastering
2004 Everwood Mastering
2004 Etched in Stone Freestyle Mastering
2004 Doobie Deluxe Son Doobie Mastering
2004 Dead Can Dance Tribute: The Lotus Eaters Mastering
2004 Cowboy and Angels Moneyshot Mastering
2004 Acceleration Age of Silence Mastering
2004 1234 Emergency Mastering
2003 The Embattled Hearts Veal Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2003 The Cinch The Cinch Mastering
2003 Something Goin' on Here Aaron Pritchett Mastering
2003 Showtyme Abstract Rude Mastering
2003 Scenic Route Oddities Mastering
2003 Project 33 Chris Tarry Mastering
2003 Paradigm Lost Happy Kreter Mastering
2003 Natural Progression Sweatshop Union Mastering
2003 Lyrics of Fury, Vol. 2 Mastering
2003 Liberation Children of the Revolution Mastering
2003 Let Go of Your Bad Days The Salteens Mastering
2003 In 3's In 3's Mastering
2003 Dirty Mr. Brady Mastering
2003 Capture of Sound DJ Drez Mastering
2003 Book of Shabazz (Hidden Scrollz) Shabazz the Disciple Mastering
2002 Women & Songs 6 Digital Editing
2002 Wise and Otherwise Harry Manx Mastering
2002 Win the Battle D.O.A. Mastering
2002 Small Fires Adrienne Pierce Mastering
2002 Search and Rescue DJ Murge Mastering
2002 New Day/Ascent Mythos Mastering
2002 Flood Moka Only Mastering
2002 Every Song Tells a Story Randy Bachman Mastering
2002 Eternity Mythos Mastering
2002 Dusty Baker Mr. Brady Mastering
2002 Count Our Numbers [EP] Champion Mastering
2002 Consider This Aaron Pritchett Mastering
2002 Battleaxe Warriors, Vol. 2 Mastering
2002 An Invitation to an Accident Filmmaker Mastering
2002 A Demon's Dream Dave Martone Mastering
2001 Seeing Red LiveonRelease Assistant
2001 Purge Bif Naked Assistant Engineer
2001 Pickin' Cotten Lenny Breau / Richard Cotten Mastering
2001 Bad Dreams Swollen Members Mastering
2000 Coming into Focus Colin Kadey Mastering
2000 Bad Man Buc Fifty Mastering
1999 Balance Swollen Members Mastering
1996 No Escape The Young Canadians Remastering
1984 Bloodied But Unbowed D.O.A. Remastering
1982 War on 45 D.O.A. Mastering
1980 Perfect Youth The Pointed Sticks Mastering
Wake Up Call Poor Nameless Boy Mastering
The Aberdeen The Perms Mastering
Sing Me a Song William Prince / Serena Ryder Mixing Engineer, Recording
Silverhill Scott Nolan Mastering
Shaping Dust and Our Autonomy Viva Non Mastering
Shadow Land Ben de la Cour Mixing, Mastering
Run William Prince Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Recording
Rock 'N' Roll Indian Cowboy: Trail Of Tears Wayne Lavallee Mastering
Rendering Plain As Ghosts Mastering
Miracle The Perms Mastering
Midwestern Zachary Lucky Engineer
Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions Edward David Anderson Mastering
Lock Up Your Devils: New Roots Classics II Mastering Engineer
Highway Prayer: A Tribute to Adam Carroll Engineer
Gospel First Nation William Prince Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Gospel First Nation William Prince Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Mastering Engineer
Goldrush Ebrahim Mastering
Fancy Way of Saying... Billy's A / X.O. Machine Mastering
Electric Jellyfish Boogaloo The Ootn'oots Mixing, Mastering
Driving By Candlelight Dan Frechette / Laurel Thomsen Mastering
Dreamride: The Music of Holly Burke & Bill Runge Linda Lee Thomas Mastering
Dirt Road's End Sugarcane Jane Mastering
Covers [Rhino] Mastering Engineer
Brodie/Glasshead [Split LP] Brodie Mastering
Bring Me My Monocle, I Want to Look Rich Lythic Blue Mastering
Born To Hum: New Roots Classics Mastering Engineer
Bend Sinister Bend Sinister Mastering
Beautiful Things Brady Enslen Engineer, Mixing, Mastering

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