James Cohn


Year Title
Americana, for piano Keyboard
1994 Arkansas Reel, for quintet Chamber Music Quintet
1966 Baroque Suite, for flute Chamber Music Suite
Concerto da Camera, Op 60 Concerto Concerto
1986 Concerto for clarinet & orchestra, Op 62 Concerto Concerto
1996 Concerto for clarinet & strings No. 2 ("Evocations"), Op. 75 Concerto
1966 Concerto for concertina & strings, Op. 44 Concerto
1996 Concerto for trumpet & strings, Op. 76 Concerto
Goldfinch Variations for wind trio, Op 61 Chamber Music Variations
2007 A Grecian Festival, for chamber ensemble Chamber Music
1959 Homage, tone poem, Op. 31 Orchestral
Little Overture for wind quintet, Op 59 Chamber Music Wind Quintet
1954 Miniatures (9), for piano (later orchestrated by the composer) Keyboard
The Mount Gretna Suite, Op 69 Miscellaneous (Classical) Suite
1995 Piano Concerto, Op. 79 Concerto
Piano Sonata No. 2 Keyboard
Piano Sonata No. 5 ("A slightly 'Blue' Sonata") Keyboard
2003 Piano Trio No. 2 Chamber Music Trio
Piano Trio, Op. 66 Chamber Music
1999 Pieces (3), for clarinet alone Chamber Music Piece
Serenade for flute, violin & cello, Op 68 Chamber Music
Sonata for clarinet & piano, Op 56 Chamber Music Sonata
Sonata for flute & piano, Op 52 Chamber Music Sonata
1988 Sonata for oboe & piano Chamber Music Sonata
1987 Sonata for viola & piano Chamber Music Sonata
2005 Sonata for violin & piano Chamber Music Sonata
Sonata Robusta for bassoon & piano, Op 55 Chamber Music Sonata
Sonata Romantica for double-bass & piano, Op 18 Chamber Music Sonata
1976 A song of the waters, variations on "Shenandoah", tone poem, Op. 53 Orchestral
Strutting Butterflies, for piano Keyboard
Symphony No. 2, Op. 13 Symphony
1955 Symphony No. 3 in G minor Symphony Symphony
1956 Symphony No. 4 in A major Symphony Symphony
1967 Symphony No. 7, Op. 45 Symphony
1978 Symphony No. 8 in C major Symphony Symphony
1960 Variations on "The Wayfaring Stranger" for orchestra, Op. 34 Orchestral
Variations on Muskrat Ramble, for piano Keyboard
1957 Waltz in D major, for piano, Op. 29a Keyboard
Wind Quintet No 2, Op 10/70 Chamber Music Wind Quintet
Wind Quintet, Op 36b Chamber Music Wind Quintet