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D.C. punk scene mainstay best known for his work with Jawbox and Burning Airline; also a successful producer and engineer.
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Year Album Artist
2019 It's Real Ex Hex Engineer
2019 Un-Becoming J. Robbins Primary Artist, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Guitars, Voices, Composer, Lyricist
2018 Recreational Hate Lemuria Engineer, Organ, Producer
2017 Close Counts The Brixton Riot Engineer, Mixing, Tambourine, Vocals (Background)
2017 Nuclear Soul Lionize Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2017 Psychic Rockers From the West Group Clutch Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2016 Low Country The Sword Mixing
2016 Vision in Blues The Screaming Blue Messiahs Quotation Author
2015 Anxiety's Kiss Coliseum Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Bass, Tarang, Vocals (Background)
2015 To Us, the Beautiful! Franz Nicolay Producer, Percussion
2015 War on Women War on Women Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2015 Yes Norman Blake / Jad Fair Engineer
2013 Earth Rocker Clutch Mixing
2013 Uncanney Valley The Dismemberment Plan Engineer, Vocals (Background)
2011 A Cautionary Tale The Pauses Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals (Background)
2011 Parasites Coliseum Guest Artist, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Sleigh Bells, Timpani
2010 Forgetters Forgetters Producer, Engineer
2010 Let's Move in Together Poor But Sexy Engineer
2009 El Rojo The Bakerton Group Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2009 Family Le Loup Mixing
2009 Hell is Empty Ruiner Producer, Engineer
2009 Light Flares Knot Feeder Associate Engineer
2009 Punctuated Equilibrium Wino Mixing, Audio Production
2009 Queen Fareena Kelly Carmichael Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2009 Speed Is Everything The Bomb Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Tambourine
2009 Strange Cousins from the West Clutch Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2009 The Company Band The Company Band Tracking
2008 A HarDCore Day's Night Government Issue Bass, Group Member
2008 Call It Off Speaker Speaker Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 City of Microphones The Exit Strategy Producer, Engineer, Tambourine
2008 Destroy All Evidence Report Suspicious Activity Engineer, Mixing, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Guitars, Guitar (Bass), Bass, Group Member
2008 Fractures Killing the Dream Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 Ice Cream Spiritual! Ponytail Engineer, Mixing
2008 Laughter Rahim Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals
2008 New Lexicon Paint It Black Producer, Engineer, Audio Production, Vocal Engineer
2008 The Adventures of You Me & Iowa You Me & Iowa Engineer, Mixing
2008 The Bakerton Group The Bakerton Group Engineer, Mixing
2007 All Hour Cymbals Yeasayer Engineer
2007 Forging a Future First to Leave Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Instrumentation
2007 Gospel Store Front Lo Moda Engineer, Choir/Chorus
2007 Lines Avec Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2007 Midnight in America Modern Life Is War Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2007 Play [Rock] Producer, Mixing
2007 Rahim Rahim Engineer
2007 The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote The Hidden Hand Mixing
2007 The Shapes We Make Mary Timony Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 Unsettled Nakatomi Plaza Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Choir/Chorus
2007 We Should Be Together Jason Dove Engineer, Vocals, Guitar, Horn, Percussion, Clapping, Soloist
2007 We Won't March Speaker Speaker Producer, Mixing, Audio Production
2006 Alarm En Masse Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
2006 Ideal Lives Rahim Producer, Engineer
2006 In Bocca al Lupo Murder by Death Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Vocals, Mastering
2006 Jägermeister Music Tour Producer
2006 One Good Song Joey Welz Composer
2006 Party Tyme Karaoke: Country Mega Pack, Vol. 2 Sybersound Composer
2006 Safety Two If by Sea Producer, Mixing, Additional Personnel, Slide Guitar, Vocals (Background), Recording
2006 Seven Year War Red Animal War Producer
2006 This Is Satire None More Black Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals
2006 Waiting for the Next End of the World Channels Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Various Instruments
2006 Western Reserve Miranda Sound Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background)
2005 Audible to Animals Marigold Producer, Composer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Percussion
2005 En Route Kudzu Wish Engineer
2005 Indecision The Bomb Engineer, Tambourine
2005 Jungles Rahim Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2005 Myspace Records, Vol. 1 Engineer
2005 Paradise Paint It Black Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2005 Pitchfork & Lost Needles Clutch Producer, Mixing, Audio Production
2005 Report Suspicious Activity Report Suspicious Activity Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitars, Bass (Electric), Bass
2005 Robot Hive/Exodus Clutch Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2005 Searching for a Former Clarity Against Me! Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Tambourine, Vocals (Background)
2005 Solidarity Tone Producer, Engineer
2005 Suburban Hymns The Life and Times Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mellotron
2005 The Mill Kimone Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2005 The World & Everything in It The Oranges Band Engineer, Mixing
2004 Believe in What You Want [Video] Jimmy Eat World Engineer, Mixing
2004 Demons Liars Academy Producer, Mixing, Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Percussion, Programming
2004 Doom Capital: Maryland DC Heavy Rock Underground Producer
2004 Everyday Behavior Mêlée Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Musician
2004 Get Saved Pilot to Gunner Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
2004 Glass Floor Maritime Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
2004 Long Night's Journey into Day Fieldmachine Producer, Engineer
2004 Mind Is Not Brain Mock Orange Engineer, Audio Production, Piano
2004 Mother Teacher Destroyer The Hidden Hand Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Performer
2004 Open Channels Vocals, Guitar, Recorder
2004 Redtape The Factory Incident Audio Engineer, Mixing
2004 Sirens and Condolences Bayside Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 This Is Not What You Had Planned [EP] Respira Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production
2004 Widows Bloody Widows Black Cross Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2003 Ambient Metals Tone Producer, Engineer
2003 Art Offensive Black Cross Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Shaker, Tambourine
2003 Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again Engineer, Arranger, Performer
2003 Faraquet/Akarso [Split EP] Faraquet Mixing
2003 Full Upright Position Actionslacks Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
2003 In the Air Eleventeen Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Tambourine, Vocals (Background), Shouts
2003 Lusitania Fairweather Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Piano, Machines
2003 New.Old.Rare Midtown Producer
2003 Panic in Detroit Panic in Detroit Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 Parts: Unknown Weight: Unknown St. James Stars Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2003 The Role of Smith Tabula Rasa Producer, Engineer
2002 20 Years of Dischord Producer, Engineer, Vocals, Guitar
2002 Alaska [US CD] Fairweather Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Cabbagetown/Larry Clist Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass
2002 Complete History, Vol. 2 Government Issue Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar (Bass), Bass
2002 First EP Mock Orange Engineer, Tambourine
2002 Hung up on Breathing Moodroom Engineer, Mixing
2002 Jesus Loves Stacey Cry Baby Cry Producer, Engineer
2002 Just Enough Bright Time Spent Driving Producer, Engineer, Organ, Keyboards, Percussion
2002 Lean Beat Retisonic Producer
2002 Location Is Everything, Vol. 1 Producer
2002 Meres of Twilight Kimone Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Never Never Shake, Baby Actionslacks Mixing, Remixing, Guitar
2002 Oswego II Oswego Producer, Mixing
2002 Perfecting Loneliness Jets to Brazil Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mellotron, Sequencing
2002 The Weekend Hey Mercedes Producer, Engineer
2002 Twilight Songs Venusian Skyline Producer, Engineer
2002 [A --> B] Life mewithoutYou Producer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Percussion
2001 45° North Volante Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2001 A Sign of Breath Engine Down Producer
2001 Another Year on the Streets, Vol. 2 Producer
2001 Be a Criminal Garrison Engineer
2001 Bleed American Jimmy Eat World Engineer, Mixing
2001 Change The Dismemberment Plan Engineer
2001 Everynight Fire Works Hey Mercedes Producer, Engineer, Vocals, Percussion
2001 Identikit Burning Airlines Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Noise, Recording, Composer
2001 Post Mortem Anthem Bluetip Engineer, Mixing
2001 The Apology Wars Blueline Medic Producer, Engineer
2001 The Egg Shiner Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2001 The Funk Project: How Good Is Good? Vol. 2 Composer
2001 The Scene's Out of Sight Actionslacks Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Moog Synthesizer, Tambourine, Handclapping, Percussion
2001 Troubleman Mix-Tape Engineer
2000 All You Do Defend Sampson Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Melodica, Vocals (Background)
2000 Catacomb/The Deluxe War Baby At the Drive-In Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Composer
2000 Crash Diagnostic Discount Engineer
2000 Electric Pink The Promise Ring Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Four Cornered Night Jets to Brazil Producer, Mixing
2000 Geography Miss Lonely Heart Producer, Engineer
2000 July to October Lazycain Engineer
2000 Just Getting Warmed Up Oswego Producer, Mixing
2000 Metroschifter Encapsulated The Metroschifter Engineer
2000 Music for Movies Unmade Vivid Low Sky Guitar (Electric)
2000 New Tokyo Is Calling The Stereo Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Polymer Bluetip Producer, Mixing
2000 Sometimes You Scare Me Durian Producer, Mixing
2000 Steps for the Light The Up On In Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 The Medicine The Jazz June Producer
2000 The View From This Tower Faraquet Producer, Engineer
2000 To Bury Within the Sound Engine Down Producer, Engineer
1999 A Whole New Theory Joshua Producer, Engineer, Keyboards
1999 Beauty of Falling Apart Liquor Bike Artwork, Design
1999 Carload of Scenic Effects Gerty Photoshop Artist
1999 Days Away Dwindle Engineer, Mixing, Melodica, Organ, Tambourine
1999 Emergency & I The Dismemberment Plan Producer, Mixing
1999 Horsepower Squatweiler Producer, Engineer
1999 Mind the Gap, Vol. 19 Composer
1999 Mission: Control! Burning Airlines Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Mini Moog, Percussion, Graphic Design, Design, Logo, Devices, Composer
1999 Nowcore! The Punk Rock Evolution Composer
1999 Three Hundred The Stereo Producer, Mixing, Tone Generator
1999 Very Emergency The Promise Ring Producer
1999 Where Is My Mind?: A Tribute to the Pixies Producer
1998 Always a Pleasure Compound Red Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998 At Zero Kerosene 454 Producer, Organ (Hammond)
1998 Back of Love/Always Something There to Remind Me Braid / Burning Airlines Vocals, Guitar
1998 Cut Loose Howling Deadfall Producer, Recording
1998 Frame & Canvas Braid Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
1998 Get Lovely Most Secret Method Engineer, Mixing
1998 I Am the Day of Current Taste Roadside Monument Producer, Mixing
1998 In the Foul Key of V Flu Thirteen Producer
1998 Join Us Bluetip Producer, Engineer, Vocals (Background)
1998 Memory-Minus Sleepytime Trio Producer
1998 My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents Jawbox Remixing, Vocals, Guitar
1998 Orange Rhyming Dictionary Jets to Brazil Producer
1998 Spaghettification Chocolate Weasel Composer
1998 The Ice of Boston The Dismemberment Plan Producer
1998 The Meat Joy Meat Joy Engineer, Mixing
1997 Made in the Shade Shady Mix Composer
1997 Nothing Feels Good The Promise Ring Producer
1997 Picture Postcard Edison Producer
1997 Sweetbelly Freakdown Sweetbelly Freakdown Producer
1997 Tune International Candy Machine Design, Design Assistant
1996 Do You Know Who You Are? Texas Is the Reason Producer, Strings, Percussion
1996 Jawbox Jawbox Photography, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Organ (Hammond), Design, Graphics
1996 Let Them Eat Monorchid Engineer
1996 Our Band Could Be Your Life: A Tribute to D Boon and the Minutemen Vocals, Guitar
1996 Splay Shiner Graphic Design, Artwork, Design
1995 Dear You Jawbreaker Mixing
1995 Phantom Itch Antimony Producer
1995 Slow 'n' Moody Black & Bluesy [Virgin] Composer
1995 Your Choice Live Leatherface Mixing, Vocals, Guitar
1994 For Your Own Special Sweetheart Jawbox Vocals, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Artwork, Design
1994 Jabberjaw Compilation: Good to the Last Drop Vocals, Guitar
1993 Fumble/Banging the Drum Scream Graphic Design, Artwork, Design
1993 No Voices in the Wire Rollkicker Laydown Vocals, Bass
1993 Still Screaming/This Side Up Scream Graphic Design, Design
1992 Novelty Jawbox Vocals, Guitar, Artwork
1991 Grippe Jawbox Mixing, Vocals, Guitar
1987 Embrace Embrace Design
1975 I'm the Fiddle Man Papa John Creach / Papa John Creach & Midnight Sun Composer
1968 The Loading Zone The Loading Zone Composer
Bastards of the Deep Blue Sea AM Taxi Mixing Engineer
Black Ocean Waves King Giant Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Organ
Born Under 76 Hound Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Percussion
Capture the Flag War on Women Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Debate Debate Mixing
Dreamcation Black Clouds Producer, Engineer
Fort Reno Benefit Compilation Engineer
Glossa Positive No Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
Groupquake Composer
Hail Death Black Anvil Engineer, Mixing
Hifi Music for Lofi Kids Doghouse Swine Producer
Impossible Colours Daria Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
Live at the Atlantic Burning Love / Coliseum Mixing
Multiple Lite Engineer, Mixing
Northern Soul of Chicago, Vol. 2 Composer
Our Mutual Friend Goodbye Soundscape Producer, Piano
Party Tyme Karaoke: Country Hits, Vol. 14 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Country Hits, Vol. 16 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Country Party Pack, Vol. 5 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Girl Country Party Pack, Vol. 3 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Girl Country, Vol. 12 Composer
Pleasant Living Tiny Moving Parts Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Recover Play the Seeds Composer
Stereo Types Very Americans Mixing
The Office of Future Plans The Office of Future Plans Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Percussion, Group Member, Composer
Turncoat Throttlerod Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Percussion, Group Member