U.K.-based singer/songwriter/recording artist who makes tuneful, retrofitted pop.
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Heron Biography

by Fred Thomas

Heron vs. Heron Under the Heron moniker, U.K. singer/songwriter/producer Robert Gavin Heron blends an uncommon mix of styles, influences, and sounds into his own homespun brand of pop. Beatlesque vocal harmonies, soul-adjacent melodic sensibilities, and slightly Baroque instrumental arrangements all helped make records like 2009's Heron Vs. Heron interesting and tuneful collections of retro-pop.

The Brown Room In the year 2000, Heron self-released two limited-edition 7" singles on his Cracked Analogue label, and he signed on with Virgin/EMI-affiliated label Hut Recordings shortly thereafter. Hut released Heron's debut album, The Brown Room (named after the home studio where it was recorded), in 2002 to favorable reviews. Second album Heron Vs. Heron was completed by 2004, but Hut folded and the record sat in limbo until Heron released it on Cracked Analogue five years later. In 2011, Heron issued Not for Sale, an album consisting of a lengthy piano piece.

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