Hector el Father

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Groundbreaking reggaetón producer/MC, Hector el Father started out in the late 1990s as one half of Hector & Tito, and is recognized as one of the biggest names in the burgeoning subgenre.
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Los Rompe Discotekas
One of the pioneers of reggaeton, Hector el Father (aka Hector "El Bambino") was half of the trailblazing duo Hector & Tito (aka Los Bambinos) before he embarked on a solo career of his own. Hector (born Héctor Delgado Román) began his solo career with a pair of CD mixtapes, Los Anormales (2005) and Los Rompe Discotekas (2006). The latter was a particularly curious release, for it was issued by Roc la Familia, a newly inaugurated Latino division of The Island Def Jam Music Group, led at the time by rap legend Jay-Z, who reportedly took a keen interest in reggaeton. Jay-Z even collaborated with Hector, albeit rather lazily, on the album's lead single, "Here We Go Yo." Though the Def Jam episode garnered Hector a lot of attention, he enjoyed much more success with his proper solo debut, The Bad Boy (2007). The Machete Music release featured a number one single, "Sola," which was far and away his biggest hit to date.