Heavy Hawaii

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This San Diego duo makes lo-fi music that sounds like the Beach Boys on cough syrup -- sunny, but very odd.
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Teen Angel
The duo Heavy Hawaii is a couple of lo-fi weirdos who seem dedicated to capturing the voices that swirl inside Brian Wilson's head. Hailing from San Diego, Matt Bahamas (vocals/keys/guitar) and Jojo Keylargo (guitar) make music that sounds like a cough syrup-addled Beach Boys recording a spooky, yet still very poppy, soundtrack to a cheesy horror film. They made their debut in 2009 with a song ("Sleeping Bag") on Bathetic Records' Summer Bummer Get Laid Get Wasted Mixtape, before making it onto vinyl in 2010 with the Teen Angel EP for Art Fag Records and a split single with Girls Names. They followed up this flurry of activity slowly, with the "Super Bowl Xxix" single in 2012, and finally releasing a full-length, Goosebumps, in early 2013 for Art Fag.