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Warm and surreal Brazilian psych-folk duo formed by members of Boogarins and Supercordas.
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Brazilian indie psych duo Guaxe formed when two like-minded experimental musicians began collaborating in sporadic sessions where they shared their lo-fi production techniques and warm, hazy songwriting, which resulted in their wild and colorful self-titled debut album in 2019.

Guaxe was loosely formed by Supercordas' member Pedro Bonifrate and Boogarins' Dino Almeida after Supercordas disbanded in 2016. The two long-time collaborators shared a wildly psychedelic vision of pop music and had appeared as guests on each other's albums before working together as a duo. Over the course of several spontaneous jams and recording sessions, the two began to work more formally on music together, eventually dubbing their project Guaxe. The positive, friendly, and shape-shifting sounds they created were captured in a complex web of lo-fi home recording apparatus and often included the ambient sounds of whatever was happening around the house as Almeida and Bonifrate were conducting their sound experiments. The best results of these recording sessions eventually cohered on the group's self-titled full-length album, released in the late summer of 2019 by the ORG label.