Greg Norman


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Year Album Artist
2019 Deforming Lobes Ty Segall Assistant Engineer
2019 This Wild Willing Glen Hansard Engineer
2018 All Nerve The Breeders Engineer
2017 Cost of Living Downtown Boys Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2016 Disappointment Island TTNG Engineer
2016 Overseas Milemarker Engineer
2016 The Gospel Årabrot Engineer
2015 Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress Godspeed You! Black Emperor Engineer, Mixing
2015 Full Communism Downtown Boys Engineer
2015 Hey, Killer Local H Engineer, Drum Engineering
2015 Infinite Dissolution Locrian Engineer, Mixing
2015 The Gravity of Our Commitment Never Enough Hope Engineer, Mixing
2015 The Room Is James Falzone / The Renga Ensemble Engineer, Mixing
2014 Amongst the Smokestacks and Steeples The 3.5.7 Ensemble Engineer, Mixing
2014 Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything A Silver Mt. Zion / Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra Engineer, Mixing
2014 Live at the Hideout Screaming Females Engineer
2014 Seven Wonders of the World Cinerama Engineer
2014 Sonic Highways Foo Fighters Studio Assistant
2013 Beija Flors Velho e Sujo São Paulo Underground Engineer, Mixing
2013 Hunters Hunters Engineer, Mixing
2013 Memorial Russian Circles Engineer, Trombone
2013 Orthodox Native Producer, Engineer
2013 Return to Annihilation Locrian Engineer, Mixing
2012 Bless Them That Curse You Locrian / Mamiffer Engineer, Horn
2012 Blood Half Moon Scott Lucas & the Married Men Engineer
2012 Brooklyn Lines...Chicago Spaces KLANG Engineer, Mixing
2012 Interiors Brokaw Engineer, Mixing
2012 Oceania The Smashing Pumpkins Studio Technician
2011 Alphabet of Movements Jon Mueller Engineer
2011 Double Demon Starlicker Engineer, Mixing
2011 The Devil's Fractal Avichi Engineer
2010 Progression Chord Mixing
2010 Secret Handshakes Tub Ring Engineer
2010 The Nerve Filligar Engineer
2009 First Class and Forever The Poison Arrows Recording
2009 Flora Chord Engineer
2009 Geneva Russian Circles Engineer, Trumpet, Trombone
2009 God Is Good Om Engineer
2009 In Tune Helen Money Engineer
2009 Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse The Bitter Tears Vocals, Guitar
2009 Josephine Magnolia Electric Co. Assistant
2009 Journal for Plague Lovers Manic Street Preachers Engineer
2008 A Tempo! A Tempo! Valina Digital Transfers
2008 Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra Bill Dixon / Exploding Star Orchestra Engineer
2008 Casual Wave The Poison Arrows Engineer
2008 Kinda Like Fireworks The Sexy Accident Engineer
2008 The Long Rocker Kemman Engineer, Mixing
2007 All Y'All Travis Morrison / Travis Morrison Hellfighters Engineer, Audio Engineer
2007 Aniseed The Atari Star Engineer, Mixing
2007 Blue Trees Mick Turner Engineer
2007 City of Echoes Pelican Assistant
2007 Died True Das Kapital Engineer, Mixing
2007 Forever Sweet Cobra Engineer
2007 Highlights of the 18th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival 1975 [DVD] Narrator, Writer
2007 Soft Skeletons Call Me Lightning Engineer, Mixing
2007 Sojourner Magnolia Electric Co. Mixing, Assistant
2007 The Autumn Defense The Autumn Defense Engineer
2007 The Dirt That Makes You Drown Bang! Bang! Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Loops, Effects
2007 The Fantods The Fantods Engineer
2007 The Forms The Forms Audio Engineer
2007 The Resisting Dreamer Tusk Engineer, Mixing, Additional Personnel, Performer, Composer
2006 Denying the West Das Kapital Engineer, Mixing
2006 Enter Russian Circles Engineer
2006 Fading Trails Magnolia Electric Co. Mixing, Assistant
2006 Invaders Engineer, Mixing
2006 Love That's Last: A Wholly Hypnographic and Disturbing Work Regarding Oxbow Oxbow Engineer
2006 Of Course Make Believe Engineer
2006 The Trident Unearthly Trance Assistant Engineer
2006 Working Nine to Wolf Pinebender Engineer, Mixing
2005 Blessed Black Wings High on Fire Repair
2005 Flex Time The Dials Engineer, Mixing, Handclapping
2005 From Now on Now Coffinberry Mixing
2005 Kidnapped by Neptune Scout Niblett Handclapping
2005 Lightining Always Strikes Something Radiant Republic of Texas Engineer
2005 March Into the Sea Pelican Engineer, Audio Engineer
2005 Ominosity Milemarker Engineer, Mixing, Vocals
2005 Prayer + Pretend The Atari Star Engineer, Audio Production
2005 Serena Maneesh Serena Maneesh Engineer, Audio Engineer, Distortion
2005 Take Fountain The Wedding Present Engineer
2005 The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw Pelican Engineer, Mixing
2004 A Four Way Split The Lake Effect Engineer
2004 All of Your Tomorrows Were Decided Today Che Arthur Engineer
2004 Neurot Recordings [Bonus DVD] Engineer
2004 New Black New Black Producer, Engineer
2004 Night Mute Ativin Engineer, Mixing
2004 Of This Blood Detachment Kit Producer, Engineer
2004 Panda Park The 90 Day Men Assistant
2004 Patriots .22 Mixing
2004 Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 04 Producer
2004 That Man Will Not Hang Mclusky Engineer
2004 The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not on Fire Mclusky Engineer
2004 Tree of No Return Tusk Engineer, Audio Production
2004 Youth City Fire The Narrator Engineer, Mixing
2003 Build a Bridge and Get Over It Of Death Engineer
2003 Dispelling the Myth of Accurate Maps The Atari Star Engineer
2003 Earthquake Glue Guided by Voices Engineer
2003 Ghosts Sleeping at Last Engineer
2003 Mary Star of the Sea Zwan Engineer
2003 Postcard Stories Jenny Choi Engineer, Mixing
2003 Special One Cheap Trick Engineer
2003 The High Price of Living Too Long With a Single Dream Pinebender Audio Engineer, Vocal Engineer
2003 The Spirituality The Desert Fathers Engineer
2003 This Is Dance Time Atombombpocketknife Engineer, Mixing
2003 Too Late or Too Dead The 90 Day Men Assistant Engineer, Assistant Producer
2003 We Built the Gun That Causes This Unending Fear Evaluation Producer, Engineer
2002 Get Ready Tusk Engineer, Mixing, Remixing
2002 Give Us Barabbas The Blamed Mixing, Tracking
2002 Impressions Chris Winters Engineer, Mixing
2002 Iron Night Nad Navillus Engineer
2002 The Coalition to Rock Chicago Presents: Vol. 2, Windy City Whiplash Engineer
2001 1975-1977-1998 The 90 Day Men Engineer
2001 A Sun That Never Sets Neurosis Assistant Engineer
2001 Anathema Eric Roth Engineer
2001 Everything Went Shit: Lost and Collected Tracks The Traitors Engineer
2001 God Save the ABPK Atombombpocketknife Engineer
2001 That Static Thumbnail Engineer
2001 The Swimming Hour Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire Engineer
2001 They Raging. Quiet Army Detachment Kit Engineer, Mixing
2001 Worker .22 Engineer
2000 (It (Is) It) Critical Band The 90 Day Men Engineer
2000 Alpha Sounds Atombombpocketknife Engineer
2000 Royal Blue Koko Taylor Mixing, Assistant Engineer
2000 Sixto Sixto Engineer
2000 Sovereign Neurosis Engineer, Assistant Engineer
2000 Too Good to Be True Pinebender Engineer
1999 Atombombpocketknife Atombombpocketknife Engineer
1999 Changing Caring Humans Milemarker Engineer
1999 Shots Heard Round the World The Strike Mixing, Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1999 Splendor in the Ass, Vol. 2: Electric Boogaloo Pachinko Vocals, Bass
1999 The My Pal God Holiday Record 2 Engineer
1998 Gone Away/Kit's Choice The Tren Brothers Engineer, Mixing
1998 I Love to Play Jake Trout & The Flounders Performer, Primary Artist
1998 Tren Brothers EP The Tren Brothers Engineer, Mixing
1993 Colors of Brazil/African Blue Les Baxter Producer
Creation of Maine Missouri Compromise Engineer, Mixing
Don't Touch That Dial Cinerama Engineer
Endless Bummer Haymarket Riot Engineer, Mixing
Glistening Vivid Splash Lovely Little Girls Engineer, Mixing
Golden Gate Mistake Radiant Republic of Texas Engineer
Keep No Score Sleeping at Last Engineer
Let's Get out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop Let's Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop Engineer, Mixing
Listening Let's Get Out of This Terrible Sandwich Shop Engineer, Mixing
Local H's Awesome Mix Tape, Vol. 2 Local H Engineer
Matter Anti-Matter Exploding Star Orchestra / Rob Mazurek Engineer
Memories Are Hunting Horns... Saredren Wells Mixing
Midwestern Angel Eyes Engineer, Mixing
More Vibrant Shadows Invisible Mansion Engineer
Old Door Phantoms Dave Miller Engineer, Mixing
Saturn Return Restroy Engineer
Storyboards Sleeping at Last Engineer
The Black and White Album Ft (The Shadow Government) Engineer, Mixing
The Grinning Corpse Who Went to Town The Bitter Tears Engineer, Vocals, Slide Whistle
Vets Vets Engineer, Mixing
Yo Soy la Tradicion Miguel Zenón Engineer