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Dreamy, upbeat, psychedelic Northern soul from English singer/songwriter Jamie Scott and writer/producer/DJ Tommy D.
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A Song in My Heart
English alt-rock outfit Graffiti6 were formed in 2008 around the talents of singer/songwriter Jamie Scott and writer/producer and DJ Tommy D. Scott, who came to prominence as the frontman for Jamie Scott & the Town, and Tommy D, who has worked with everyone from Right Said Fred to Kanye West, specialize in a heady, upbeat blend of soulful electro-pop that falls somewhere in between the Beta Band, Morcheeba, and Gnarls Barkley. The group’s self-described "psychedelic Northern soul" first appeared in 2009 with the track "Stare into the Sun," followed in 2010 by the EP Stone in My Heart and the full-length Colours.