Germaine Tailleferre

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Germaine Tailleferre (1892-1983) was a French composer, most often noted for being the only woman in the group Les Six.
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Year Title
1924 Adagio for violin & piano (transcribed from Adagio of Piano Concerto No. 1) Chamber Music
1920 Allegro (Très vite), for piano Keyboard
1973 Arabesque, for clarinet & piano (on a theme from the opera "La Petite Sirène") Chamber Music Arabesque
1937 Au pavillon d'Alsace, for piano (from "Album de l'Exposition") Keyboard
1920 Ballade for piano & orchestra (also arranged for 2 pianos) Concerto Concerto
1913 Berceuse, for violin & piano Chamber Music
1940 Bretagne, suite for piano (after music for film) Keyboard
1952 Chansons du Folklore de France, songs (10) for voice & ensemble (or piano) (Nos. 1-5 aka "Chansons populaires françaises") Vocal Music
1929 Chansons françaises (6), for voice & piano (or orchestra) Vocal Music Chanson
1931 Chiens, for piano (from the documentary film "Pastorale Inca") Keyboard
1973 Choral, for trumpet & piano (on a theme from the opera "La Petite Sirène") Chamber Music
1952 Concertino (Concerto) for flute, piano & orchestra Concerto
1926 Concertino (Concerto) for harp & orchestra (also reduced for harp & piano) Concerto Concerto
1961 Concerto for 2 guitars & orchestra Concerto
1934 Concerto Grosso for 2 pianos, female vocal quartet, male vocal quartet, saxophone quartet & orchestra Concerto Concerto
1930 Fleurs de France (Flowers of France), children's pieces (8) for piano Keyboard
1972 Forlane, for flute & piano Chamber Music Sonata
1950 Fugue du Parapluie, transcription for piano (after the Act 1 finale of the opera "Il était un petit navire") Keyboard
1973 Gaillarde, for trumpet & piano Chamber Music Galliard
Guitare, for guitar Chamber Music Solo
1920 Hommage à Debussy, for piano Keyboard
1964 Hommage à Rameau, partita for 2 pianos & percussion Chamber Music
1918 Image, for piano, flute, clarinet, string quartet & celesta (originally titled "Pastorale") Chamber Music
1912 Impromptu for piano Keyboard Impromptu
1917 Jeux de plein air (Outdoor Games), for 2 pianos (or orchestra) Keyboard
1954 Larghetto for piano or 2 pianos (arranged from an excerpt from film score "Coincidences") Keyboard
1976 March (Fanfare) for symphonic band ("Marche burlesque") Band Music
1921 Les Mariés de la Tour Eiffel: Valse des Dépeches and Quadrille, ballet (collaborative work with Les Six) Ballet
Menuet, for instrument & piano Chamber Music
1977 Nocturne for organ (transcription of Berceuse for piano) Keyboard Nocturne
1930 Overture for orchestra (originally for the opera "Zoulaina") Orchestral
1962 Partita for flute, oboe, clarinet & strings Concerto Partita
1957 Partita for piano Keyboard
1914 Pas trop vite, for piano Keyboard
1931 Pastorale Inca, for piano (from the documentary film "Pastorale Inca") Keyboard
1942 Pastorale, for flute & piano in C major Chamber Music
1919 Pastorale, for piano (or small orchestra) in D major (from "Album des Six") Keyboard Character Piece
1928 Pastorale, for piano in A flat major Keyboard
1929 Pastorale, for piano in C major Keyboard
1942 Pastorale, for violin & piano in C major (same as flute version) Chamber Music
1957 Petite Suite, for orchestra Orchestral Suite
1923 Piano Concerto No. 1 in D major (also arranged for 2 pianos) Concerto Concerto
1916 Piano Trio Chamber Music
1978 Piano Trio (based on earlier Piano Trio) Chamber Music
1953 Pièce en forme de samba, for piano (arrangement of second movement of the Harp Sonata) Keyboard
1910 Premières prouesses (First Feats), pieces (6) for piano, 4 hands Keyboard
1964 Rêverie, for piano (after the second movement of "Hommage à Rameau") Keyboard
1913 Romance, for piano Keyboard Romance
1972 Rondo, for oboe & piano Chamber Music
1955 La Rue Chagrin (The Sad Street), for voice & piano Vocal Music
1928 Sicilienne for piano Keyboard
1953 Sonata for harp, W. 114 Chamber Music Sonata
1957 Sonata for solo clarinet Chamber Music Sonata
1920 Sonata for violin & piano No. 1 in C sharp minor Chamber Music
1947 Sonata for violin & piano No. 2 (arrangement of Violin Concerto) Chamber Music Sonata
1973 Sonatina for violin & piano Chamber Music Sonatina
1917 String Quartet Chamber Music Quartet
1979 Suite burlesque, for piano, 4 hands Keyboard Suite
1977 Suite-Divertimento for symphonic band (orchestrated by Désiré Dondeyne) Band Music
1954 Valse lente, for piano (written for insertion in the ballet "Paris-Magie") Keyboard Waltz
1929 Vocalise-étude, for high voices & piano Vocal Music Etude
1928 Waltzes (2) for 2 pianos Keyboard Waltz
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