Esa-Pekka Salonen

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Grammy Award-winning Finnish conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen led the Los Angeles Philharmonic from 1992 to 2009 and has established an impressive reputation as a composer.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Lachen verlernt, for solo violin 2002 Chamber Music
YTA II, for piano 1985 Keyboard
Nachtlieder for clarinet & piano 1978 Chamber Music
Concerto for saxophone 1980 Concerto
Dichotomie, for piano 1999 Keyboard
Mimo II, for oboe & orchestra 1992 Orchestral
Helix, for orchestra 2005 Orchestral
Floof, for soprano & 5 players 1988 Vocal Music
Meeting for clarinet & harpsichord Chamber Music
YTA I, for alto flute 1982 Chamber Music
YTA III, for cello 1986 Chamber Music
Concert Etude for horn Chamber Music
Yta IIb Miscellaneous (Classical)
Gambit, for orchestra Orchestral
Songs (2) to Poems of Ann Jäderlund, for chorus 2000 Choral
Violin Concerto 2009 Concerto
Piano Concerto 2007 Concerto
Nyx, for orchestra 2010 Orchestral
Hornmusic I, for horn & piano 1976 Chamber Music
Sonata for cello & piano 1976 Chamber Music
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