Dr. Fong


Year Album Label AllMusic Rating User Ratings
Goin' out to Party Tonight!
2007 Goin' out to Party Tonight! Limerence
Black Stiletto Shoes
2007 Black Stiletto Shoes Limerence
Beethoven of Da Blues
2007 Beethoven of Da Blues Limerence
Cataclizm on 8th Avenue
2007 Cataclizm on 8th Avenue Limerence
Rhinestone Fongboy
2008 Rhinestone Fongboy Limerence
Rock & Roll Fever!
2008 Rock & Roll Fever! Limerence
E Pluribus Bluezum
2008 E Pluribus Bluezum Limerence
Nasty White Boy
2009 Nasty White Boy Limerence