Dow Tomlin


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Year Album Artist
2016 Tree Anna Elizabeth Laube Bass
2016 Wynonna & the Big Noise Wynonna Judd / Wynonna & the Big Noise Bass
2014 Engelbert Calling Engelbert Humperdinck Bass (Upright)
2010 1000 Miles Away Willie Stradlin Bass
2009 Gold and Green Sugarland Bass
2009 Gunned Down in Mexico Ray Stephenson Bass
2009 I Can Do All Things Gene Stewart Guitar (Bass)
2009 Prove Me Right Zona Jones Bass
2009 Straight from the Heart Jeremy Kent Bass
2009 The Good Lord Loves You Clay Dustin Guitar (Bass)
2008 Alaska Country Alaska Country Guitar (Bass)
2008 Blurry White Guy David Lykins Main Personnel, Guitar (Bass), Fretless Bass
2008 God the Creator Band of Writers Bass
2008 Happy David Carn Guitar (Bass), Bass
2008 Hopewell Walt Wilkins Drums, Bass
2008 Manhattan Grits Cookie Pedersen Bass (Upright)
2008 Playboy Swing, Vol. 2 George McClure Guitar (Bass), Bass
2007 Bill Maier Bill Maier Guitar (Bass)
2007 Blue Sky Day Jonathan Sherrill Main Personnel, Guitar (Bass), Bass
2007 Brad Dix Brad Dix Bass
2007 Breaking Free Lucinda Buhler Bass
2007 Bring A Shovel JR & The Roadkill Choir Bass
2007 Changing Midstream Stacey Knights Bass
2007 Drive Real Fast Peter Brandon Bass
2007 Low Expectations Bob Baker Guitar (Bass)
2007 Summer's Voice Arlon Bennett Bass (Electric), Standup Bass
2007 The Feeling I Got Nathan Johnson Bass
2007 Velvet-Covered Brick Robin English Bass
2007 Where I Am Tammy Cochran Main Personnel, Guitar (Bass), Bass
2007 Whose Side I'm On Jonathan Sherrill Bass
2007 Why Not Today Eric Dodge Bass
2006 Blissville Jeff Talmadge Bass
2006 Playboy Swing George McClure Guitar (Bass)
2006 Robin English Robin English Bass
2006 The Present T. Graham Brown Bass
2006 You Make Me Humble Charles Owens II Guitar (Bass)
2005 Cocaine and Brandy Days Jacqui Watson Guitar (Bass)
2005 Derek Richard's PS150 Derek Richard Guitar (Bass)
2005 Homeless in America: Twenty-One Songs of Social Conscience for the 21st Century Nashville Session Players Bass
2005 Keep Your Eyes on Christ Derek Richard Guitar (Bass)
2005 The Vision George McAnthony Bass
2005 Uncut Jacqui Watson Guitar (Bass)
2004 American Pride Band of Writers Bass
2004 Renaissance of Me Tom Trabucco Bass
2004 What I Am Kevin Maines Main Personnel, Airdrums, Musician
2004 Who Am I Chris Graves Bass
2003 Cryin' Country Jerry Burkhart Main Personnel, Guitar (Bass), Bass
2003 Welcome to Stay Melissa Gibson Bass
2001 Now & Then Larry Franklin Bass
2001 Too Close to the Moon Erik Thorson Fretless Bass, Bass
2000 Bud's a Little Wiser Jeff Best Bass
2000 Dark Horses Rick Lance Bass
1997 The Silence Is Broken Nelson Bass
1996 Totally Hot Nashville Steel Guitar Bass
Calls Me Beautiful Lydia Waldrop Bass
Country D.N.A. Aaron Vance Bass
Dressed Up for Goodbye Corinne Cook Bass
Giving Up My Ground Brian Lee Bender Guitar (Bass)
Hat Trick Rabid Bass
Hazad Was Here Graham Sparkman Bass
Hornet's Nest [Original Soundtrack] Bass
In Real Life Nick Granato Guitar (Bass)
Joy of the Journey Jimmy Eugene Bass
On the Radio Bobby Dean Guitar (Bass)
Slowbriety Bill Zimmerman Bass (Electric)
Talk of the Town Aaron Vance Bass
The Attic Taylor Henry Bass
The Get Down Jerad Harness Bass
The Last Real Outlaw Jesse Bryant Bass
The Lights of Christmas Band of Writers Bass
Up On Blocks Tim Ash Guitar (Bass)
Younger Than Our Years Justin Busch Bass