Dominick Maita


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Year Album Artist
2017 Blues with Horns, Vol. 1 Chris Daniels & The Kings Mastering
2017 Helium Matt Cimini Mastering
2016 Hey There Delilah Plain White T's Mastering
2016 Miracle Nik Day Mastering
2015 Love & Freedom Miguel Dakota Mastering
2014 Love Runner Rich Moore / Mollie O'Brien Mastering
2014 The Nocturne Diaries Eliza Gilkyson Mastering
2013 Glee: Sings the Beatles Glee Mastering
2013 Rooftop Garden Acoustic Syndicate Mastering
2012 Glee: The Music - Season 4, Vol. 1 Glee Mastering
2012 Glee: The Music - The Graduation Album Glee Mastering
2012 Glee: The Music Presents Glease Glee Mastering
2012 Glee: The Music: The Christmas Album, Vol. 3 Glee Mastering
2012 Gold Motel Gold Motel Mastering
2012 Jumpin Jazz Kids: A Swinging Jungle Tale Mastering
2012 The Goliath Beetle & the Ladybug Ben Makinen Mastering, Analog Transfer
2011 Glee: The 3D Concert Movie Glee Mastering
2011 Glee: The Music Presents the Warblers Glee Mastering
2011 Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album, Vol. 2 Glee Mastering
2011 Glee: The Music, Vol. 5 Glee Mastering
2011 Glee: The Music, Vol. 6 Glee Mastering
2011 Glee: The Music, Vol. 7 Glee Mastering
2011 Glee: the Music: The Complete Season 1 CD Collection Glee Mastering
2011 Shane Harper Shane Harper Mastering
2010 All Around Ralph's World Ralph's World Mastering
2010 Glee: The Music, Best of Season One Glee Mastering
2010 Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals Glee Mastering
2010 Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Glee Mastering
2010 Glee: The Music, Vol. 3 - Showstoppers Glee Producer, Mastering
2010 Glee: The Music, Vol. 4 Glee Mastering
2010 Glee: The Music, the Power of Madonna Glee Mastering
2010 Hybrid Child District 97 Mastering
2010 One Man Show 30db Mastering
2010 The Complete Columbia Album Collection 1972-1988 Herbie Hancock Engineer
2010 The Rocky Horror Glee Show Glee Mastering
2009 For a Friend: The Best of Bronski Beat, The Communards & Jimmy Somerville Jimmy Somerville Mixing
2009 Hush Money Erik Deutsch Mastering
2009 Notes from the Sherpa Underground Jake Laufer Mastering
2009 Ordinary Riches Company of Thieves Mastering
2009 The Hidden Names Parlour Steps Mastering
2009 To a Loved One Hello Kavita Mastering
2009 Warm Songs for Cold Shoulders Cameron McGill Mastering
2008 A Real Fine Hole Yell County Mastering
2008 Ambiguoso Parlour Steps Mastering
2008 Americana Master Series: Best of Doc Watson Doc Watson Remastering
2008 Cold Lonely Feeling Daniel Roman Mastering
2008 Dark Summer Dawn Deejer Mastering
2008 Jazzhead 2006 Mastering
2008 Leaving Kansas Holly Long Mastering
2008 Moon Is the New Earth Rose Hill Drive Mastering
2008 Pan Pan Medico Hinterland Mastering
2008 Please, Ambitious, Please Fiancé Mastering
2008 Street Spirit John Runnels Mastering
2007 A Better Way Tony Vincent Mastering
2007 Best of the Sugar Hill Years Doyle Lawson Remastering
2007 Best of the Sugar Hill Years Terry Allen Remastering
2007 Blue Coast Collection: The E.S.E. Sessions Mastering
2007 Character The Pnuma Trio Mastering
2007 Down the Road Ernie Hedrickson Mastering
2007 Elijah Drop Your Gun Mieka Pauley Mastering
2007 Familiar Espionage Algernon Mastering
2007 Girl from the Ivory Coast Fiancé Master Chorister
2007 Groove Guru Joseph Baldassare Mastering
2007 Parfum 5 Amie Amis Mastering
2007 Real Emotional Curtis Stigers Mastering
2007 Reality Vs. the Optimist Kiss Kiss Mastering
2007 Reverie Jann Klose Mastering
2007 The Axe That Chopped the Cherry Tree The Axe That Chopped The Cherry Tree Mastering
2007 The Eleven Dimensional Symphony Mothership Mastering
2007 The Shape of Light Jeff Ball Mastering
2007 The Sun I Built in You Kristina Mastering
2007 You Against Yourself The Matt Lloyd Project Mastering
2006 1800 Miles Later Audrey Vanessa Mastering
2006 Confession in the Back Room Tom Sheehan Mastering
2006 Dreams Don't Count Jules Shear Mastering
2006 Instrumental Dissent The Motet Mastering
2006 Life Grows Back Sloan Wainwright Mastering
2006 Like Vines The Hush Sound Mastering
2006 Living Theater - Act Three - Modern Music for Modern Minds Joseph Baldassare / The Living Theater Mastering
2006 Mostly True Mellani Day Mastering
2006 Nature Will Turn on Us Air This Side of Caution Mastering
2006 Pessimism & Satire Logan Square Mastering
2006 Polyhymnia Jaggery Mastering
2006 Rise Above [DVD/CD] James Roy Mastering
2006 Stages and Cycles Mess of It All Mastering
2006 The Celluloid Years: 12"es and More... Engineer
2006 Vains of Jenna Vains of Jenna Mastering
2006 Zip.Boom.Hah Motion Picture Demise Mastering
2005 Beguile Sarah Atereth Mastering
2005 Best of the South: Musical Stories by Sugar Hill Compilation Mastering
2005 Cast of Characters: The Rupert Holmes Songbook Rupert Holmes Associate Engineer
2005 Dual Mono Oakhurst Mastering
2005 Field of Crows Darden Smith Mastering
2005 Flower of Avalon Tracy Grammer Engineer
2005 Gargoyles Oksana Skidan Mastering
2005 Hellafornia Dexter Danger Mastering
2005 I Think It's Going to Rain Today Curtis Stigers Mastering
2005 Love & Hate Chute Nine Mastering
2005 Mr. Anonymous Mr. Anonymous Mastering
2005 One Step Closer The String Cheese Incident Mastering
2005 Proudly Flawed Fatknucklejack Mastering
2005 Return to Balance Jeff Ball Mastering
2005 Run Selasee Engineer, Mastering
2005 Soup Kitchen Armando Zuppa Mastering
2005 The Fear That We May Not Be Born in the Flood Mastering
2005 The Sweet Life Molly Greacen Mastering
2005 The Whole World Spinz Anyway OstinAutto Mastering
2005 This Is Me Smiling This Is Me Smiling Mastering
2005 Under the Bed Stephen Clair Mastering
2004 Action [Bonus DVD] Punchline Mastering
2004 Automatic Girl Lola Ray Mastering
2004 Circo Darden Smith Mastering
2004 ETA: Mañana Tom Varley Mastering
2004 Electro Aalacho Mastering
2004 I Don't Know You Lola Ray Mastering
2004 Inolvidable [Hybrid] Candido & Graciela Assistant Engineer, Tape Transfer
2004 Itnotmtdathw Sanctity Mastering
2004 Lafcadio As Tall as Lions Mastering
2004 My Country II Dan Bern Mastering
2004 New York Town Black 47 Mastering
2004 Prepare to Qualify Punsapaya Mastering
2004 Staggering to the Surface Blackmaker Mastering
2004 The Silence in Black and White Hawthorne Heights Mastering
2004 Thought Process His & Her Vanities Mastering
2004 Why the Long Face Suzzy & Maggie Roche Mastering
2004 Wild for You Karrin Allyson Mastering
2003 Bajo Cero Pablo Ziegler Mastering
2003 Everything Goes Numb Streetlight Manifesto Mastering
2003 Live Nnenna Freelon Mastering
2003 Living Theater, Vol. 3 Joseph Baldassare Mastering
2003 Melting Pot Roast The New Black Mastering
2003 Remember Right Now Spitalfield Mastering
2003 So Damn Happy Loudon Wainwright III Mastering
2003 Take This to Your Grave Fall Out Boy Mastering
2003 The Collected Works of the Roches The Roches Engineer
2003 The Lost Days: Music in the Latin Style Denyce Graves Engineer
2003 Tracy Young Remixes: Living Theater DJ Tracy Young Mastering
2003 You Inspire Me Curtis Stigers Mastering
2002 Buddha-Bar Presents Living Theater, Vol. 2 Mastering
2002 Happy Times Ten Hampton the Hampster Mastering
2002 Hello Lisa Lisa Loeb Sequencing
2002 In Blue Karrin Allyson Mastering
2002 Solo Por Tu Amor Manuel Frajo / Manuel Franjo Mastering
2002 Sunflower Darden Smith Mastering
2002 The Inner Banks The Inner Banks Mastering
2002 Zero Church Suzzy & Maggie Roche Mastering
2001 Blue Ocean Suite Joseph Baldassare Mastering
2001 Irish Aires Joseph Baldassare Mastering
2001 L' Appuntamento Joseph Baldassare Mastering
2001 Living Theater, Vol. 1 Joseph Baldassare Mastering
2001 Our Earth Dominick Maita Primary Artist
2001 Our Earth Joseph Baldassare Performer, Composer, Primary Artist
2001 Pianissimo Joseph Baldassare / Stefanos Mastering
2001 Release the Day Barney McAll Mastering
2001 Shut Your Breath Simon Says Mastering
2000 Heart of a Woman Kathie Lee Gifford Engineer, Mixing
1999 Driver's Eyes Ian McDonald Engineer, Mixing, Associate Producer
1997 Happy Town Jill Sobule Engineer
1997 Longtime Thom MacFarlane Producer, Engineer
1996 Blue Gold Kryon Mastering
1995 Can We Go Home Now The Roches Mixing
1994 NYC Lonesome Val Engineer, Mixing
1994 Will You Be My Friend? The Roches Engineer, Mixing
1993 Deconstruction: Celluloid Recordings Bill Laswell Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1993 Tar Beach John Sebastian Engineer
1992 A Dove The Roches Engineer, Mixing
1992 Hard Times in America Willie Nile Engineer, Mixing
1991 Hello Betty! Betty Engineer
1989 Force Majeure Doro Engineer
1989 Strange Angels Laurie Anderson Engineer
1988 Perfect Machine Herbie Hancock Engineer
1988 Sangoma Miriam Makeba Engineer
1987 If Hollywood Beyond Engineer
1987 Red The Communards Engineer, Mixing
1985 Boys and Girls Bryan Ferry Engineer
1985 Greatest Hits, Vols. 1-2 (1973-1985) Billy Joel Associate Producer
1985 The Knee Plays David Byrne Mixing
1984 Special EFX Special EFX Engineer
1984 Sundance Kevin Eubanks Engineer
1984 The Age of Consent Bronski Beat Engineer, Remixing
1983 Guts for Love Garland Jeffreys Engineer
1983 Nona Nona Hendryx Engineer
1983 Rockit (S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D Version) Herbie Hancock Engineer
1983 The Outsets Outsets Engineer, Mixing
1982 Philip Glass: Koyaanisqatsi Philip Glass Engineer
1981 Changing Hearts Polyrock Mixing
1980 Polyrock Polyrock Engineer
Altitude Sickness James & The Devil Mastering
Bright New World Monica Augustine Mastering
Checkpoint Ancestral Groove / David Krakauer Mastering
Coloradical Bop Skizzum Mastering
Come Alive Mercy River Mastering
Dancing on the Moon Lisa Bell Mastering
Demonio Teclado Erik Deutsch Mastering
Design Flaw John Kurzweg / Kito Peters Mastering
Extraordinary Days Rebecca Folsom Mastering
For Reasons Unseen Hanneke Cassel Mastering
Good Eye Johnny Action Figure Mastering
Gratitude David Darling Mastering
Leavin' On the Special Danny Daniels Mastering
Let's Fly Away Molly Ryan Mastering
Low Bid On a Dream David Michael Mastering
Lucid Graham Czach Mastering
Make You Dirty Diads Mastering
Melodies For Lovers VanGhost Mastering
Moxie Motive Moxie Motive Mastering
No Eyes for the Future ALX Mastering
Prayer for Compassion David Darling Mastering
Red Devil Magic Red Devil Magic Mastering
Sangita Yoga: Sacred Chants Of India Naren Mastering
Satisfy My Soul Wil Key Mastering
Search Bonfire Dub Mastering
Sidewalks Weber Band Mastering
Speed of Life Kyle Hollingsworth Mastering
Stray Sax Trey Keepin Mastering
Summer House Gold Motel Mastering
Tenderly Leslie Brown Mastering
The Sound and Color The Sound and Color Mastering
The Big Picture David Krakauer Mastering
The Mighty Lunge His & Her Vanities Mastering
Tiny Diamonds Scott Dale Mastering
Unpredictable John McVey Mastering
You're With Me Julie Geller Mastering