DJ Masa

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Brazilian DJ who creates popular mixes and mashups of K-pop and Western hits.
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Capitalizing on the international reach of Korean pop music, Brazilian K-pop superfan DJ Masa created mixes and mashups for fans all over the globe. Born Carlos Henrique Brandão in Belem, Para, Brazil, DJ Masa (aka Masa, Mas4, or Masamune Carlos) started uploading his K-pop mashups in 2005. Starting with Boa, Masa would go on to remix all the biggest names in South Korea, even branching out to Japanese and Taiwanese artists. In 2006, he created a blog to host his music, including his popular year-end K-pop hit megamixes. His mashups, like those found on his K-Bootie volumes, joined K-pop songs with Western hits from artists as wide-ranging as Muse, Nirvana, Lady Gaga, and Madonna.