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This project from Montreal's Scott Monteith has explored many subgenres of dub, including dub techno, ambient dub, and dubstep.
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Year Album Label AllMusic Rating User Ratings
2001 Primordia BLKRTZ
Wild Life Documentaries
2002 Wild Life Documentaries Scape
It's a Crackhaus Thing
2003 It's a Crackhaus Thing Onitor
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
2004 Something Borrowed, Something Blue Scape
New World Observer
2005 New World Observer Scape
Journeyman's Annual
2007 Journeyman's Annual Scape
Roots and Wire
2008 Roots and Wire Wagon Repair
Radio Rothko
2010 Radio Rothko The Agriculture
Drawn and Quartered
2011 Drawn and Quartered BLKRTZ
2012 Eight BLKRTZ
The Infinity Dub Sessions
2014 The Infinity Dub Sessions BLKRTZ
Walls & Dimensions
2015 Walls & Dimensions BLKRTZ
Wax Poetic for This Our Great Resolve
2018 Wax Poetic for This Our Great Resolve BLKRTZ
Waking Life
2018 Waking Life BLKRTZ
Trinity Thirty
2019 Trinity Thirty Constellation