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David Tarras was born in Russia at the end of the 19th century and in his youth absorbed the laws of both Judaism and klezmer clarinet playing. Extolled for the second, he was reviled for the first, and…
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Year Album Artist
2016 Music Coming Together Paul Green / Lloy Joe Rose / Two Worlds Composer
2015 Klezmer: In the Fiddler's House; Traditional Jewish Melodies Itzhak Perlman Arranger
2011 Azoy Tsu Tsveyt Uri Caine / Joel Rubin / Uri Caine Dou Composer
2011 Songs of the Jewish-American Jet Set: The Tikva Records Story 1950-1973 Primary Artist
2009 Cantors, Klezmorim and Crooners 1905-1953 Clarinet
2009 Sol Sajn: Jiddische Musik In Deutschland Und Ihre Einflüsse (1953-2009) Composer
2009 Sol Sajn: Jiddische Musik In Deutschland Und Ihre Einflüsse (1953-2009), Vol. 3 Composer
2009 Yiddish Rhapsody Isabelle Georges / Sirba Octet Arranger
2008 New King Of Klezmer Clarinet Yom Composer
2007 Trumpets for Di Fidl-Kapelye Di Fidl-Kapelye Composer
2007 Yiddish, Hebrew and Klezmer: Anthology of Jewish Music Primary Artist
2006 An Anthology of Klezmer 1905-1952 Primary Artist
2005 Celebrate Klezmer Composer, Primary Artist
2004 The Golem on the Moon Denis Cuniot / Yomgiuh Composer
2004 Yiddish Songs Traditionals 1911-1950 Primary Artist
2003 A Taste of Paradise Klezmer Conservatory Band Composer
2002 Best Klezmer Album in the World Primary Artist
2002 From Avenue A to the Great White Way: Yiddish & American Popular Songs From 1914-1950 Clarinet
2002 Klezfest Composer
2002 Klezmer Traditions Performer, Primary Artist
2002 Old Roots New World Maxwell Street Klezmer Band Composer
2002 The Klezmer King Abe Schwartz Guest Artist, Clarinet, Primary Artist
2002 The Twelve Tribes David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness! Composer
2001 Classic Klezmer Performer, Primary Artist
2000 Internationale Klezmer Bands Helfen Kosovo Composer
2000 Klezmer: From Old World To Our World Performer, Primary Artist
2000 Oytsres (Treasures): History of Klezmer Music Clarinet, Primary Artist
2000 Yiddfellas Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Composer
2000 Yiddish for Travelers Metropolitan Klezmer Composer
1999 Hallelujah, Anyway - Remembering Tom Cora Composer
1999 Heart of Klezmer Ot Azoj Klezmerband Composer
1998 Holiday Tradition Itzhak Perlman Arranger
1998 Klezmer, NY David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness! Composer
1998 Music of the Planet Composer
1998 The Soul of Klezmer Performer, Primary Artist
1997 Klezmania: Klezmer for the New Millenium Composer
1997 Klezmer: Early Yiddish Instrumental Music 1908-1927 Clarinet
1997 The Singing Waltz: Klezmer Guitar and Mandolin Jeff Warschauer Performer, Composer, Primary Artist
1996 Live in the Fiddler's House Itzhak Perlman Engineer
1995 Doyres (Generations): Traditional Klezmer Recordings, 1979-1994 Composer, Primary Artist
1995 Gypsy Swing The Gypsies Clarinet, Composer
1995 Master of Klezmer Music, Vol. 1: 1929-1949 Dave Tarras Primary Artist, Clarinet, Trumpet
1995 Yikhes: Early Klezmer Recordings, 1911-1939 Clarinet, Primary Artist
1994 Klezmer Suite The Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra Composer
1993 Klezmer Pioneers: European & American Recordings, 1905-1952 Clarinet, Primary Artist
1992 Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra The Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra Composer
1992 Jewish Music from Central Europe Klezmer Orchestra Composer
1992 Old World Beat Klezmer Conservatory Band Composer
1992 Yiddish-American Klezmer Music - 1925-1956 Dave Tarras Primary Artist, Clarinet
1990 Rhythm + Jews The Klezmatics Composer
1989 Klezmer Plus! Sid Beckerman / Klezmer Plus / Howie Leess Composer
1988 Shvaygn = Toyt The Klezmatics Composer
1977 Jewish Klezmer Music Zev Feldman Composer
1955 Tanz! with Dave Tarras and the Musiker Brothers Dave Tarras Primary Artist, Clarinet, Leader, Composer
'Til Chelm Freezes Over What the Chelm Composer
Amerika Place Klezmer Composer
Freilach in Hi-Fi: Jewish Wedding Dances, Vol. 1 Dave Tarras Primary Artist
Freilach in Hi-Fi: Jewish Wedding Dances, Vol. 2 Dave Tarras Primary Artist
Gefilte Fisch: Klezmer Music and Yiddish Songs Primary Artist
Klezmer Music Abraham Ellstein / Dave Tarras Primary Artist
Master of Klezmer Music Vol. 2 Dave Tarras Primary Artist
Melech Mechaya Melech Mechaya Composer
Traditional Favorites Klezmer East Composer