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Year Album Artist
2022 Wouldn't It Be Nice She & Him Drums
2022 Thru the Valley of the Toad Charles McGovern Drums, Percussion, Choir/Chorus, Whistle
2022 Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson She & Him Drums
2022 Incarceration of a Flower Child Marianne Faithfull Drums, Percussion
2022 Danny Frankel's 3rd Ear Experience Danny Frankel / Third Ear Experience Primary Artist, Producer, Drums, Percussion, Composer
2022 Beyond the Borders James Houlahan Drums, Percussion
2021 Year Gone By Petrified Max Drums, Percussion, Group Member
2021 Solitary Company Son of the Velvet Rat Drums, Percussion
2021 In Cinerama April March Drums, Percussion
2020 Woke Up from a Dream Cindy Lee Berryhill Bongos, Drums, Percussion
2020 The Last Companion David J. Carpenter Percussion
2020 The Dark Bob The Dark Bob Composer, Musician
2020 Ordinary Eye James Houlahan Drums, Percussion
2020 Namesake Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Drums, Percussion
2020 Metal Guru Nena Percussion
2020 Magdalen Accepts the Invitation Mark Olson / Ingunn Ringvold Percussion
2020 Lover & a Fighter Devil Doll Drums, Percussion
2020 Jeepster Joan Jett Percussion
2020 Charlie Drove North Petrified Max Drums, Percussion, Group Member
2020 Angelheaded Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan & T. Rex Percussion
2018 Tunnel Buddies Unpopable Drums
2018 The Wheel Still in Spin James Houlahan Drums, Percussion
2018 The Blind Strut Afternoon Freak Drums, Percussion, Composer
2018 Safe Harbor for Wayward Echoes Tobias the Owl Drums, Percussion
2018 Quartet & Double Quartet Anthony Shadduck / Anthony Shadduck Double Quartet / Anthony Shadduck Quartet Drums
2018 Mandala Brush Spain Drums, Percussion
2018 King Ming Arthur King & the Night Sea Composer
2018 Arthur King Presents Danny Frankel, Victoria Williams, Doug Wieselman: Roofrack For Ralph Danny Frankel / Doug Wieselman / Victoria Williams Primary Artist, Drums, Percussion, Composer
2017 The Adventurist Cindy Lee Berryhill Drums, Percussion, Sheet Metal
2017 Swing Set Jazzy Ash Drums
2017 Spokeswoman of the Bright Sun Mark Olson Drums, Percussion
2017 Live at the Lovesong Spain Drums, Percussion, Group Member
2017 IV Psychic Temple Percussion
2017 I Shall Be Re-Released Carmaig DeForest Drums
2017 Ghosts & Goblins Sky Chefs Drums, Percussion
2017 Blue Book Lisa Mednick / Lisa Mednick Powell Bells, Drums, Percussion
2017 A Woman's Work Jude Johnstone Drums
2016 Tim Young & the Questionaires Tim Young & the Questionaires Drums, Percussion, Composer
2016 Sunny Lemonade Joy Autumn Drums
2016 Stones of a Feather Third Ear Experience Musician
2016 Multitudes James Houlahan Percussion, Noise
2016 Mink Hollow Ife & Danny Drums, Percussion
2016 Main Street Kathy Black Drums, Percussion
2016 Cicada Bill Bloomer Drums (Snare)
2016 Cat People (Putting out Fire) Christian Eigner / Martyn Lenoble Conga Drum, Tambourine, Matches, Sheet Metal
2016 Carolina Spain Drums, Percussion, Group Member
2016 Blood Moon M. Craft Percussion
2016 1.11 Teddy Quinn Sounds
2015 Sicario [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Jóhann Jóhannsson Percussion
2015 Lost Soul Bob Hillman Drums, Percussion
2015 It's About Time Al Mitchell Drums, Percussion
2015 Good Grief! The Dark Bob / Lewis Macadams Bongos, Percussion
2015 Blue Painted Walls in Far Away Places Adam Topol Bongos, Percussion, Brushes
2015 Awkward Songs Of Love, Sin, & General Mayhem Scrote Drums
2014 Win Meyerson Orchestra Win Meyerson Orchestra Drums, Percussion
2014 Wash It Away Nahko and Medicine for the People Percussion
2014 Unfuckwithable Mojave Lords Drums
2014 Tudo Bebel Gilberto Background Music, Cymbals, Shaker, Udu
2014 Swarm Atomic Ape Percussion
2014 Me You You Me Daniel Carlson Drums
2014 Harmony Is Real: Songs for a Happy Holiday Living Sisters Percussion
2014 Good-bye Lizelle Mark Olson Drums, Percussion
2014 Easy Heart Jens Lysdal Drums, Percussion
2014 Dexter: Season 8 [Music from the Showtime Original Series] Daniel Licht Drums, Percussion
2014 Chanticleer Eva De Roovere Drums, Percussion
2014 Bad Poetry Rebecca Pidgeon Drums, Percussion
2014 All Is Gift Luke Spehar Drums, Bongos, Cajon, Contrabass Drum
2013 What Are Dreams Made Of? Aoede Drums, Bongos, Djembe, Percussion
2013 To Lose A Girl Nicky Corbett Percussion
2013 Sweet Relief, Vol. 3: Pennies from Heaven Shaker
2013 Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys Drums
2013 Blue Dress On Rebecca Pidgeon Drums, Percussion
2013 All Our Luck is Changing Claudia Russell Drums, Percussion, Body Percussion, Electronic Percussion, Triangle
2012 Vibraband Trio Stan Wood Drums
2012 Tiny Prayers Aaron Embry Drums
2012 The Salesman and the Shark Sean Rowe Drums
2012 Slingshot Rebecca Pidgeon Drums, Percussion
2012 Don't Be a Stranger Mark Eitzel Percussion (Brazilian)
2012 Cabin by the Sea Dirty Heads Vocals, Percussion, Musician
2011 Quiet Girl Jude Johnstone Drums
2011 Minnesota Mason Jennings Congas, Producer
2011 Hotel Shampoo Gruff Rhys Percussion
2011 Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes Social Distortion Percussion
2011 Groundlife Modular Orchestra, Vol. 1: Deus Ex Machina Groundlife Modular Orchestra Drums
2011 Ghostbird Zee Avi Drums, Percussion
2011 Easy Orchestra Superstring Bongos, Percussion
2011 8 Culver City Dub Collective Percussion
2010 The Interplanetary Note/Beat Conference Danny Frankel Primary Artist, Producer, Drums, Drums (Bass), Bongos, Tambourine, Triangle, Clay Pot, Metal Objects, Composer
2010 Red Dead Redemption Drums, Percussion
2010 Recollection k.d. lang Bongos, Drums
2010 Many Colored Kite Mark Olson Drums, Percussion
2010 I Like It Better Here: Music from Home Drums, Percussion
2010 Dirty Baby Nels Cline Percussion
2009 Thelonious Dub Thelonious Dub Percussion
2009 Live with BBC Orchestra k.d. lang Drums, Percussion
2009 Juno Awards 2009 Drums, Percussion
2009 Debi Derryberry's Baby Banana Debi Derryberry Congas, Bongos, Castanets, Cowbell, Dumbek, Tabla, Tambourine, Percussion, Sound Effects, Flexatones, Music Box, Cabasa
2009 Balm in Gilead Rickie Lee Jones Tambourine, Percussion, Body Percussion
2009 13 Seasons Emith Percussion
2008 Within Arm's Reach Dick Sims Percussion
2008 Watershed k.d. lang Drums, Percussion
2008 The Other Outside D.J. Bonebrake Trio Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Percussion
2008 The Altamont Sin The Lords of Altamont Percussion
2008 Ten Years Petra Haden / Woody Jackson Drums
2008 Mr. Sun Jude Johnstone Featured Artist, Drums, Bongos, Cymbals, Percussion
2008 Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford Everlast Main Personnel, Drums
2008 Long Time Nicole Gordon Drums, Percussion
2008 Live In London k.d. lang Drums, Percussion
2008 Kid Dynamite and the Common Man Eric Corne Main Personnel, Percussion
2008 Flight of the Conchords Flight of the Conchords Percussion
2008 Diana and James Greg Copeland Main Personnel, Drums, Drum, Percussion
2008 Curiouser Kate Miller-Heidke Matches, Percussion
2008 Behind the Velvet Curtain Rebecca Pidgeon Drums, Percussion
2008 Altered States Robin Danar Drums
2007 Very Derryberry Debi Derryberry Drums, Congas, Bongos, Castanets, Cowbell, Cuica, Dumbek, Tabla, Tambourine, Triangle, Wood Block, Flexatones, Music Box, Floor Tom, Cabasa
2007 The Salvation Blues Mark Olson Bongos, Percussion
2007 Starlight Johnny Boyd Drums
2007 Sounds Eclectic: The Covers Project Drums
2007 Palms & Runes, Tarot & Tea: A Michael Penn Collection Michael Penn Drums
2007 King Kong Les Deux Love Orchestra Percussion
2007 Honey and Salt Dead Rock West Drums, Shaker, Tambourine
2007 Close to Dark Brandi Shearer Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion
2007 Circus Live John Cale Drums
2007 Brand New by Tomorrow Money Mark Drums
2007 Blue Light Jude Johnstone Main Personnel, Drums, Bongos, Shaker, Tambourine, Percussion
2006 What a Way to Play Debi Derryberry Bongos, Djembe, Dumbek, Tambourine, Triangle, Percussion, Sound Effects, Udu
2006 There to Here Joe Lally Main Personnel, Percussion
2006 The Sunny Side of the Street John Lithgow Drums, Percussion
2006 Reintarnation k.d. lang Drums, Tambourine
2006 I'm Not Sentimental Rob Kendt Bongos, Triangle, Udu
2006 Dulce Sodio Vivanativa Band, Bateria
2006 Blue Alert Anjani Drums
2006 American Music: The Hightone Records Story [Box Set] Drums
2006 A Portrait of Howard Howard Tate Drums, Percussion
2005 X-Rated Musical Larkin McLean Percussion
2005 Sweetheart: Love Songs [2005] Drums, Drums (Snare)
2005 Slow Burn Tina Schlieske Washboard, Percussion
2005 Mr. Hollywood, Jr. 1947 Michael Penn Drums
2005 Mission of My Soul: The Best of Peter Himmelman Peter Himmelman Main Personnel, Percussion
2005 Cafe Ibiza, Vol. 6: The Ambient & Chill Out Album Percussion
2005 Cafe Ibiza Collectors Box, Vol. 3 Percussion
2004 Welcome to...Brazzaville Brazzaville Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Bongos, Percussion
2004 Virginia Creeper Grant-Lee Phillips Percussion, Group Member
2004 Unstoppable Forces Peter Himmelman Percussion
2004 Unfinished Symphony Dakah / Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra Percussion
2004 The Hustle G. Love Musician
2004 Sharkey's Machine Sharkey Drums, Bongos, Triangle, Percussion
2004 I + Dog Days Goatsnake Percussion
2004 Drill a Hole in That Substrate and Tell Me What You See Jim White Bongos, Percussion, Floor Tom
2004 Diaspora Hollywood Steven Bernstein Main Personnel, Drums, Bongos, Percussion
2004 Amour Amer Joel Virgel Percussion
2004 30 Seconds Over D.C. Drums
2003 Windows Blaine John "Beej" Chaney Percussion
2003 Spoken Word and Post Psychodelic Trance Music Tex Townes Group Member
2003 Sounds of Wood and Steel, Vol. 3 Percussion
2003 Return to Planet Earth Kim Fox Drums, Percussion
2003 Orchestra Superstring Orchestra Superstring Member of Attributed Artist, Bongos, Percussion
2003 Loneliness Knows My Name Patrick Park Percussion
2003 Go: Organic Orchestra, Vol. 1 Go: Organic Orchestra / Adam Rudolph Congas, Bongos, Cowbell, Log Drums, Shaker, Percussion, Udu
2003 Forty Foot Echo Forty Foot Echo Percussion
2002 The Vibration of Sound Danny Frankel Primary Artist, Producer, Chant, Trombone, Piano, Drums, Congas, Bongos, Cuica, Cymbals, Djembe, Dumbek, Shaker, Tabla, Tambourine, Triangle, Handclapping, Bells, Sound Effects, Finger Snaps, Clay Pot, Floor Tom, Footsteps, Egyptian Tambourine, Metal Objects, Composer
2002 Snakebite Eleni Mandell Drums, Percussion
2002 Sings Some Ol' Songs Victoria Williams Drums, Percussion
2002 Rouge On Pockmarked Cheeks Brazzaville Drums, Bongos, Triangle, Percussion
2002 Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron Victor Banana Drums
2002 Juggling the Thing of a Thing of a Thing Michael Whitmore Congas, Bongos, Cowbell, Djembe, Shaker, Tambourine, Bells, Sound Effects, Udu, Finger Bells, Whirly Tube
2002 December's Child Mark Olson Drums, Percussion
2001 The Tatters The Tatters Percussion
2001 Tanto Tempo Remixes Bebel Gilberto Percussion
2001 Somnambulista Brazzaville Drums, Bongos, Percussion
2001 Shocked and Devastated Blair Tefkin Percussion
2001 Salesmen & Racists Ike Reilly Percussion
2001 New Prohibition: A Musical History of Hemp Drums, Percussion
2001 Life on a String Laurie Anderson Handclapping, Percussion
2000 Water to Drink Victoria Williams Guest Artist, Drums, Percussion
2000 Thrill Eleni Mandell Drums, Percussion
2000 The Falling Kind Semi-Gloss Drums, Percussion
2000 Tanto Tempo Bebel Gilberto Percussion
2000 My Own Jo Ellen Mark Olson / The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers Drums, Bongos, Percussion
2000 Forgiving Ocean Barbara Williams Drums, Percussion
2000 Dr. Wu 2000 Percussion
2000 Citygirl Holly Long Percussion
2000 Bliss Donna De Lory Drums
1999 Vagabond Ways Marianne Faithfull Drums, Drums (Snare), Percussion
1999 Truck Stop Jug Hop Hot Sauce Johnson Percussion
1999 Surfin' Senorita Bongos, Guiro
1999 Songs for Peeps Sissy Bar Percussion
1999 So You're Not Coming Over Benett Drums, Percussion
1999 Seven More Minutes The Rentals Percussion
1999 Liquid Gardens Levi Chen Drums, Percussion
1999 I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making Me Live in This Dump Shivaree Percussion
1999 Goatsnake 1 Goatsnake Percussion
1999 Fruits of Automation Solid Eye Drums (Bass)
1999 Flicker Eszter Balint Drums, Bongos, Percussion
1999 Finest Form of Flattery MVC Percussion
1999 Electric Honey Luscious Jackson Percussion
1999 Dead Man's Curve [Score] Shark Drums, Bongos, Udu
1999 Book of Survival Deborah Holland Guest Artist, Percussion
1999 All in One Day Lorna Hunt Percussion
1999 2002 Brazzaville Drums, Bongos, Percussion
1998 Orgazmo Drums, Percussion
1998 Musings of a Creek Dipper Victoria Williams Drums, Tambourine
1998 MTV's 120 Minutes Live Drums
1998 Kamikaze Ground Crew Kamikaze Ground Crew Drums, Percussion
1997 Wrong-Eyed Jesus! (The Mysterious Tale of How I Shouted) Jim White Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion, Hollers
1997 September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill Drums
1997 New Thing On Jupiter Danny Frankel Primary Artist, Photography, Flute (Wood), Keyboards, Drums, Congas, Bongos, Cowbell, Cymbals, Shaker, Percussion, Hand Drums, Clay Pot
1997 Live on Letterman: Music from the Late Show Drums
1997 Getting Past the Static Jen Wood Guest Artist, Multi Instruments
1997 9:30 Live! Drums, Percussion
1996 Tidal Fiona Apple Drums
1996 The Best of Columbia Records Radio Hour, Vol. 2 Drums
1996 Penguin Parade Banana Slug String Band Drums, Percussion, Udu
1996 Big Enough to Disappear Moris Tepper Drums
1995 Totally Wired [Razor & Tie] Drums
1995 Occupied World 2 Bass Hit Percussion
1995 Jupiter, Now! Danny Frankel Primary Artist, Producer, Drums, Bongos, Percussion, Composer
1995 Happy Nowhere Dog's Eye View Percussion
1995 Ball-Hog or Tugboat? Mike Watt Percussion
1994 The Next Hundred Years Ted Hawkins Percussion
1994 Mecolodiacs Mecolodiacs Percussion
1994 Corrina Corrina [Original Soundtrack] Percussion
1993 Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert Raging Slab Drums
1993 Death Groove Love Party Carmaig DeForest Drums, Percussion
1992 The Mandolin Man Marvin Cymbals, Tambourine
1992 The Eleventh Hour Shine-On Universal Congress Of Percussion
1992 Susan's Room Susan Streitwieser Drums, Percussion
1992 Rockabye Robin Holcomb Drums, Tambourine
1991 Milo Binder Milo Binder Drums, Percussion
1990 Rubaiyat: Elektra's 40th Anniversary Drums
1990 Robin Holcomb Robin Holcomb Drums, Percussion
1990 L.A. Ya Ya Drums
1990 Duck & Cover Drums
1989 I Pass for Human Stone by Stone Drums, Composer
1988 6 Live Cuts [ep] Carmaig DeForest Percussion
1981 Early Damage Urban Verbs Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Percussion
1980 Urban Verbs Urban Verbs Drums, Percussion
1980 Berlin Blondes Berlin Blondes Drum Loop
1979 Zoom Root Boy Slim / Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band Congas, Bongos, Percussion
Space and Other Things Scot Sier Percussion
Now With More Rockets Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin Drums, Percussion
International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 23 Drums, Percussion
Everything's Beautiful Now Petrified Max Drums, Percussion, Group Member

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