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Philly bedroom duo took their name from a Misfits song but delivered a more textural and lo-fi take on shoegaze than anything resembling punk.
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Philadelphia bedroom musician Dan Svizeny started working under the moniker Cough Cool in 2009, taking his name from a Misfits song but making music that owed more to the fuzzy textures of lo-fi recording and the dreamy sentiments of shoegaze than anything resembling punk. Implementing reverb-treated drum machines and an arsenal of scratchy guitar tones, Svizeny's first releases with Cough Cool came in the form of cassettes and downloads for various labels, including 2009's Buy Some Dust and Digestible Doom, 2010's Epic Dreams and split with Wild Safari, and eventually a short self-titled recording that also made it to the vinyl format in 2011. Following this glut of songs, Lately arrived in 2011, serving as something of a proper debut for a band that already had a fair amount of material under its belt. Somewhere in this era, second member Jon Mack was added to the band, and the duo worked together on 2013's sophomore effort, 29.