Claudia Chopek


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Year Album Artist
2017 Fall Overlake Violin
2017 The Navigator Hurray for the Riff Raff Violin, Viola
2016 The Dream Synopsis EP The Last Shadow Puppets Orchestra
2015 Villanelle: The Songs of Maura Kennedy and B.D. Love Maura Kennedy Strings
2014 Alexandria Chris Mills & the Distant Stars Violin
2014 The Wreck [Music from the Film] Lou Rogai Violin
2013 Departure & Farewell Hem Violin
2013 Earth and Other Things Josh Joplin Violin
2013 Simplify Brendan James Cello
2012 Wild The Inner Banks Violin, Viola
2011 Anchored EP Jon DeRosa Violin
2011 Clutching Stems The Ladybug Transistor Violin
2011 Porcelain Edward Rogers String Arrangements, Viola, Violin
2011 Sunset Over Hope Street Ari Hest Violin
2011 The Poison Tree The Poison Tree Violin
2010 ...Featuring Norah Jones Norah Jones Violin
2010 Sparkle Lane Edward Rogers Viola, Violin
2009 And Now I Swing Chita Rivera Strings, Violin
2009 Blazing Red Anne Heaton Main Personnel, Violin
2009 I Bought a Blue Car Today Alan Cumming Strings
2009 Inland Territory Vienna Teng Violin
2009 Songs from Disko Bay The Inner Banks Violin
2009 The Album Marcy & Zina Violin, Viola
2009 The Conformist Doveman Vocals
2009 Yours and Not Yours George Usher Violin
2008 Belmont Annie Keating Violin
2008 Dear Science TV on the Radio Arranger, Main Personnel, Violin, String Arrangements
2008 Dream Through A Leaf Greg Merritt Violin
2008 We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong Tragedy Violin
2008 You Haven't Been Where I've Been Edward Rogers Main Personnel, Violin
2007 Lullaby School Kris Gruen Violin
2006 Summer Tonight Matt Keating Main Personnel, Violin, Viola
2005 Blue Alibi Hank Kim Violin, Viola
2005 Gorgeous Enormous Carolyn AlRoy Main Personnel, Violin
2005 Hotel Two-Way Tryst Violin, String Arrangements
2005 Jacksonville City Nights Ryan Adams / Ryan Adams & the Cardinals Violin
2005 The Luxury of Time Shelby Member of Attributed Artist, Violin
2004 Broadway's Greatest Gifts: Carols For a Cure Vol. 6 Main Personnel, Violin
2004 Dog Eared Michael Cerveris Violin
2004 Oxygen Kelly Snyder Violin
2004 Power of a Woman Ezina / Ezina Moore Main Personnel, Violin
2004 Sunday Fables Edward Rogers Main Personnel, Violin
2003 Black Box EP Jann Klose Violin
2003 Broadway's Greatest Gifts: Carols for a Cure, Vol. 5 Violin
2003 Destination Girl Finishing School Violin, Cello
2003 Landing Soon Life on Mars Member of Attributed Artist, Violin
2003 The Unstudied Sea Frank Bango Arranger, Violin
2002 Broadway: Romances Manhattan Violin
2002 The Museum of Me, Vol. 1 Chris Butler Arranger, Violin, Strings, Concert Master, Composer
2001 Argyle Heir The Ladybug Transistor Violin
2001 How Can a Loser Ever Win? Violin
2001 Seven Miles High Rocket Violin
2000 Forever Dusty Violin
2000 Fugitive Girls Frank Bango Violin
2000 One Thing Right The Big Galoots Violin
2000 Pose While It Pops Barbara Brousal Violin
2000 Simply Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad About the Loser's Lounge Violin
1999 A Wishing Well The Rooks Viola
1999 Actual Size Muzzle Arranger, Violin
1999 My Midnight Steve Wynn Violin
1999 The Albemarle Sound The Ladybug Transistor Violin
A Wolf In Preacher's Clothes Jon DeRosa Violin, Viola
All In Our Minds The Amygdaloids Violin
Between Customers Matt Keating Strings
Black Halo Jon DeRosa Violin, Viola
Do We Reach Home Jerry Jean Violin
EverybodyEverybody The Sharp Things Violin, Group Member
Letters Concert Master, Viola
Made of Stars Sally Spring Violin
NYC Girl The Orion Experience Strings
Night of the Deep Bloom Atoosa Violin, Viola
Out of Context Michael Patrick Walker Violin, Viola
Prologue Concert Master, Viola
The Last Day of Winter Lisa Burns / George Usher Violin
The Season of Love Gramercy Arms Violin
Undersea Poem Undersea Poem Violin
Wrong Way Home Matt Keating Strings