Chuck Mosley

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Rap-rock pioneer and former member of Faith No More, Bad Brains, and Cement.
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Mike Patton may be the best-known Faith No More singer, but Chuck Mosley was the frontman for the group's first two albums. Born in Hollywood, California, but raised in South Central Los Angeles and Venice, Mosley took piano lessons as a child, which didn't amount to much. Interested in the burgeoning local punk scene as a teenager, Mosley befriended bassist Billy Gould and the pair became brief members of an obscure local band called the Animated. Upon the group's breakup, Gould formed another outfit, Faith No More, while Mosley fronted Haircuts That Kill. When Faith No More were left singer-less in 1984 (a pre-Hole Courtney Love had just split), a tryout was arranged for Mosley. Despite his knack for wandering off-key, Mosley's charisma got him the job, as the group (which would eventually include keyboardist Roddy Bottum, guitarist Jim Martin, and drummer Mike Bordin) played regularly around the San Francisco area.

We Care a Lot
After a pair of albums created a buzz in the alternative rock underground (1985's We Care a Lot and 1987's Introduce Yourself), Mosley found himself at odds with his bandmates due to his unpredictable behavior both on and off the stage, which led to his ousting from the band in 1988. Faith No More would continue on with a new singer (Mike Patton) and score a hit straight away with their next release, The Real Thing, while Mosley attempted to work his way back into music. Early in the '90s, Mosley joined up with Washington, D.C., hardcore icons the Bad Brains, but before anything could be recorded by the Mosley-led lineup, the singer bailed (complaining that the group wanted him to sound too much like their previous singer, H.R.). Mosley then formed another group, Cement, a quartet that issued a pair of albums, 1993's self-titled release and 1994's Man with the Action Hair, before splitting as well.

Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food
Mosley spent the next decade on a sort of public musical hiatus, relocating to Cleveland to raise his two daughters and writing and compiling new material while working as a chef. He resurfaced in 2009 and released the album Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food, which saw him teaming up with multi-platinum producer/engineer Michael Seifert. Demos for Sale, a collection of alternate mixes and demos from the Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food sessions, arrived in 2016. In November of the following year, Mosley died of a drug overdose at his Cleveland home. He was 57 years old.