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Christian August Sinding studied music in addition to his academic studies throughout his school years, taking violin with Gudbrand Bøhn and music theory with L.M. Lindeman, one of the most important…
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Year Title
Abendlied, for violin & piano, Op. 89/3 Chamber Music Character Piece
Abendstimmung, for violin & piano, Op. 120a (originally for orchestra) Chamber Music Character Piece
1914 Abendstimmung, for violin & strings, Op. 120 Concerto Concerto
Air, for violin & piano, Op. 81/1 Chamber Music Air
Albumblatt, for violin & piano, Op. 81/2 Chamber Music Albumleaf
1895 Alla Marcia for piano Keyboard
Alte Weise, for violin & piano, Op. 89/2 Chamber Music Character Piece
1885 Alte Weisen, for voice & piano, Op.1 Vocal Music
Andante religioso, for violin & piano, Op. 106/3 Chamber Music Character Piece
1882 The Arabian Tale of Antar and Abla (Sange af den Arabiske fortoelling Antar og Abla), for voice & piano Vocal Music
Ballade for violin & piano in C minor, Op. 61/3 Chamber Music Ballade
Berceuse, for violin & piano, Op. 106/2 Chamber Music Berceuse / Cradle Song
Cantus doloris (Mourning Song), for violin & piano, Op. 78 Chamber Music Song Without Words
Capriccio for piano Keyboard Capriccio
1906 Capriccios for piano Keyboard Character Piece
Caprice for piano Keyboard Caprice
1898 Caprices (15) for piano, Op 44 Keyboard Character Piece
Character Pieces (6) for piano, Op. 33: No. 4, Serenade Keyboard Serenade
Cherche la vie Vocal Music
1895 Con Fuoco for piano Keyboard
1889 Concerto for piano & orchestra in C sharp, Op 6 Concerto Concerto
A Cradle Song, for voice & piano, Op. 126/1 Vocal Music Lullaby
1900 Danske viser og sange (14), for voice & piano, Op.50 Vocal Music
Den jomfru gikk i valmuvang, song for voice & piano, Op. 50/5 Vocal Music Song
Der heilige Berg, opera Opera Opera
Der skreg un Fugl (There cried a bird) Miscellaneous (Classical)
1925 Digte (4), for voice & piano, Op.128 Vocal Music
Elegy for violin & piano in B flat major, Op. 106/1 Chamber Music Elegy
Elegy for violin & piano in D minor, Op. 61/2 Chamber Music Elegy
Farvel (Farewell) for voice & piano, Op. 130/2 Vocal Music
1897 Fra vår til høst, for voice & piano, Op.36 Vocal Music
Galmandssange (5), Op 22 Miscellaneous (Classical)
1906 Gedichte (7), for voice & piano, Op.77 Vocal Music
1909 Gedichte (7), Op.85 Vocal Music Song Collection
Hymnus for organ, Op. 124 Keyboard Hymn
1885 Ich fürcht'nit Gespenster, song for voice & piano, Op. 1/3 Vocal Music Song
1896 Impromptu for piano, Op. 31/4 Keyboard Impromptu
Inga, for voice & piano, Op. 80/4 Vocal Music
1906 Irrlicht for piano Keyboard
Je voudrais ne pas t'aimer Vocal Music
Kong Frode står på Leiregård (King Frode stood at Leiregard) Vocal Music
Kvælden (Evening), for voice & piano, Op. 80/7 Vocal Music
1900 Légende, for violin & orchestra in B flat major, Op. 46 Concerto Concerto
Leit etter livet og liv det! ("Take hold of life and live it"), Op.55/5 Vocal Music Song
1888 Lieder aus "des Knaben Wunderhorn", for voice & piano, Op.15 Vocal Music
1888 Lieder und Gesänge (6), for voice & piano, Op.11 Vocal Music Song
Många drömmar Vocal Music
Majnat, song for voice & piano, Op. 22/3 Vocal Music Song
Marche grotesque, for piano, Op. 32/1 Keyboard March
1906 Mélodie for piano, Op 76 ("Mélodie Mignonne") Keyboard
Moto Perpetuo, for violin & piano Chamber Music Character Piece
No dalar Soli (Now the Sun is Sinking) for voice & piano, Op. 80/5 Vocal Music
1908 Nyinger, for voice & piano, Op.90 Vocal Music
Piano concerto in D flat major Concerto Concerto
1909 Piano Sonata in B minor, Op. 91 Keyboard Sonatina
1903 Pieces (6) for cello & piano, Op. 66 Chamber Music
1896 Pieces (6) for piano, Op. 32 Keyboard Collection
1894 Pomposo for piano Keyboard
Popular Song, for piano, Op. 32/4 Keyboard
Prélude for violin & piano in G major, Op. 43/3 Chamber Music Prelude
1882 Quintet for piano & strings in E minor, Op. 5 Chamber Music Quintet
Ravnen han flyver om aftnen (The raven, he flies at night) Vocal Music
Romance for violin & piano in D major, Op. 79/2 Chamber Music Romance
Romance for violin & piano in E major, Op. 9 Chamber Music
Romance for violin & piano in E minor, Op. 30 Chamber Music Romance
1910 Romance in D major, Op. 100 Orchestral
1896 Rustle of Spring (Frühlingsrauchen), for piano, Op. 32/3 Keyboard Character Piece
1900 Scènes de la vie, for violin & piano in G major, Op. 51 Chamber Music
Serenade for 2 violins & piano in A major, Op. 92/2 Chamber Music Serenade
Serenade for 2 violins & piano, Op 56/1, in G Chamber Music Serenade
1896 Serenade for piano Keyboard Serenade
Sonata for violin & piano in A Chamber Music Sonata
1909 Sonate im alten Stil, for violin & piano in D minor, Op. 99 Chamber Music
Songs (5) for voice & piano, Op. 19: No. 2, Rav Vocal Music
1893 Songs (5), for voice & piano, Op.19 Vocal Music
Songs (6) for voice & piano, Op 18 Vocal Music Art Song
Ständchen, for violin & piano, Op. 89/1 Chamber Music Serenade
Strengjeleik, song cycle, for voice & piano, Op 40 Vocal Music Art Song
1895 Suite for piano 4-hands in F major, Op 35a "Épisodes chevaleresques" Keyboard Suite
1888 Suite for piano, Op. 3 Keyboard Suite
1889 Suite for violin & orchestra (or piano) in A minor, Op. 10 ("Suite in the Old Style") Concerto Concerto
1891 Suite for violin & piano in F major, Op. 14 Chamber Music
Suite for violin in D minor, Op. 123 Chamber Music Suite
Sylvelin, Op. 55/1 Vocal Music
1919 Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 121 Symphony
Symphony No. 4, rhapsody for orchestra ("Vinter og Vår" [Frost and Spring]) Orchestral Rhapsody
Symphony, No 1 in D, Op 21 Symphony Symphony
1907 Symra, for voice & piano, Op.75 Vocal Music
1902 Trio for piano, violin & cello, No 2 in A, Op 64 Chamber Music
Trio for piano, violin & cello, No 3 in C, Op 87 Chamber Music
Valmu i vange, for voice & piano, Op. 50/6 Vocal Music
Variations for 2 pianos in E flat, Op 2 Keyboard Variations
1898 Violin Concerto No. 1 in A major, Op. 45 Concerto
Violin Concerto No. 2 in D major, Op. 60 Concerto Concerto
Violin Concerto No. 3 in A minor, Op. 119 Concerto Concerto
1894 Violin Sonata in C major, Op. 12 Chamber Music
1905 Violin Sonata in F major, Op. 73 Chamber Music
Waltzes (6) for piano, 4 hands, Op. 59 Keyboard Waltz
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)