Chad Clark


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Year Album Artist
2016 Slugger Sad13 Engineer
2012 Raise Up the Sheets Freshkills Mastering
2011 As the Valley of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade A Storm of Light Mastering
2011 Discontinued Perfume The Caribbean Mixing, Counselling, Synthesizer
2011 Garden of Fainting Stars The Book of Knots Mastering
2011 IV Dub Trio Mastering
2011 Spark Natalie Walker Mastering
2011 Wand Craig Wedren Mixing, Mastering
2010 It Was Easy Title Tracks Producer, Mixing
2010 Let's Move in Together Poor But Sexy Mastering
2009 Like a Lion Tom McBride Mixing
2009 Live from Home Shudder to Think Mastering
2009 Smell the Difference Tyft Mastering
2008 A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden These United States Mixing
2008 Alphabet Graveyard Gentleman Auction House Producer, Mixing
2008 Amor y Guerra Police & Thieves Mastering
2008 Cold Drinks with the Most Beautiful View Patrick O'Donnell Engineer, Mixing
2008 Laughter Rahim Mastering
2008 Living in the Aftermath Chris Mills Mastering
2008 Only Chimneys Imaginary Johnny Mastering
2008 Party Intellectuals Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog Mastering
2008 The Book of Matches Gentleman Auction House Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2008 The Covers Short Stack / Shortstack Mastering
2008 The Lord Dog Bird The Lord Dog Bird Mixing
2008 United States of Consciousness Drums
2007 All Things, Forests Palomar Mastering
2007 Easy Mark Mass Solo Revolt Producer, Loops, Effects
2007 Everyone Wore White Carol Bui Guest Artist, Mixing, Main Personnel, Synthesizer, Treatments
2007 Flesh and Spirits The Gena Rowlands Band Producer, Engineer, Mastering
2007 Friction! Friction! Friction! The Dance Party Mastering
2007 I See the Night Birds A New Dawn Fades Mastering
2007 Kingwood Pash Assistant
2007 Music, In The Blood Parker Street Cinema Master Chorister
2007 Nothing Is Underrated Joe Lally Audio Engineer, Mastering
2007 Places Georgie James Producer, Engineer
2007 Populations The Caribbean Engineer, Treatments, Amplifiers
2007 Rahim Rahim Mastering
2007 Sookie Jump Eldridge Skell Engineer
2007 The Shapes We Make Mary Timony Mastering
2007 The Soundest Serum Garland of Hours Mixing
2007 Their Dreams Are Dead, But Ours Is the Golden Ghost! Slingshot Dakota Mastering
2007 What Did You Do During the War, Daddy? The Jet Age Mastering
2007 Zulu Pearls Zulu Pearls Mixing, Mastering
2006 'Neath the Pale Moon The Cassettes Engineer, Mixing
2006 Diesel City Gist Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Listen After Miles Bass, Group Member, Composer
2006 Lost Language Resonator Mastering
2006 Riot on the Gold Coast Ease the Medic Mastering
2006 Seven Year War Red Animal War Mastering
2006 Some Echoes Aloha Engineer, Mastering
2006 The Departures EP Meredith Bragg & the Terminals Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering
2006 The Nitrate Hymnal The Gena Rowlands Band Vocal Engineer
2006 There to Here Joe Lally Mastering
2006 Vessel States Wilderness Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Zombie Terrorist Partyline Mastering
2005 Girls With Glasses Partyline Mastering
2005 Her Love Is Real... But She Is Not Edie Sedgwick Mixing
2005 Hostage Taker/The Site Mass Solo Revolt Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 La Merde Et Les Etoiles The Gena Rowlands Band Engineer, Sampling
2005 Light This Is a Process of a Still Life Mastering
2005 No Second Troy No Second Troy Producer, Mixing
2005 No Straight Lines Private Eleanor Mastering
2005 Plastic Explosives The Caribbean Producer, Mixing
2005 Venice Is Sinking/What We Do Is Secret [Split EP] Venice Is Sinking Mastering
2005 Welcome to Ignore US The Holy Ghost Producer, Audio Production
2005 Wilderness Wilderness Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 With the Gift Comes the Curse Fin Fang Foom Mastering
2004 Burn Your Scripts, Boys The Out_Circuit Mastering
2004 Cough Black Eyes Mastering
2004 Here Comes Everyone Aloha Engineer, Member of Attributed Artist, Mastering
2004 Let the Losers Slug It Out Paulisdead Mastering
2004 Medications Medications Engineer, Mixing
2004 Power Q and Not U Mastering
2004 Routineers Routineers Mastering
2004 The Unsustainable Lifestyle Beauty Pill Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Organ (Hammond), Treatments, Group Member, Composer
2004 This Is a Process of a Still Life This Is a Process of a Still Life Mastering
2004 Untitled Postage Era Producer, Engineer
2004 William of Orange The Caribbean Producer, Mastering
2003 Black Eyes Black Eyes Mastering
2003 Fake French El Guapo Engineer, Mixing
2003 First Demo Tape: 1980-1983 Minor Threat Mastering
2003 Gena Rowlands Band The Gena Rowlands Band Engineer, Sampling
2003 History's First Know-It-All The Caribbean Mastering
2003 How Did I Get Here? Levi Fuller Mastering
2003 Love Is Love Lungfish Mastering
2003 Shortstack Shortstack Mastering
2003 Six Plus The Sorts Mastering
2003 Still Silhouette Respira Mastering
2003 Thinning of the Veil Alice Despard Mastering
2003 You Are Right to Be Afraid Beauty Pill Composer
2002 20 Years of Dischord Engineer, Vocals, Guitar, Mastering, Composer
2002 Broken Record The Holy Ghost Mastering
2002 Clouds True Love Always Mastering
2002 Different Damage Q and Not U Mastering
2002 Discography Maximillian Colby Remastering
2002 Down for You Is Up Metropolitan Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Landscape Tracks Joshua LaRue Mastering
2002 Minority of One Dag Nasty Mastering
2002 My Life Is a Series of Vacations Speedwell Engineer
2002 Our Success Most Secret Method Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Perception of Reality Takara Member of Attributed Artist, Drums
2002 Rock Creek The Capitol City Dusters Mastering
2002 Super/System El Guapo Mastering
2002 The Audio Medium The Cancer Conspiracy Engineer, Recording
2002 The Pupils The Pupils Mixing
2002 Then I Woke Up Patrick O'Donnell Mastering
2002 Time and Tide Wait for No Man Dame Fate Producer, Mastering
2001 Change The Dismemberment Plan Mixing
2001 Furniture Fugazi Mastering
2001 Porch Life Unitas Mastering
2001 The Argument Fugazi Engineer, Mastering, Recording
2001 The Dismemberment Plan/Juno Juno Mixing
2001 With Literacy and Justice for All: A Benefit for the DC Area Books to Prisons Project Engineer, Mixing, Liner Notes
2000 Calamity a Foot Behind Blinder Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2000 Calibos Calibos Engineer, Mixing, Recorder
2000 Diazepam Bald Rapunzel Engineer, Mixing, Recorder, Farfisa Organ
1999 Emergency & I The Dismemberment Plan Producer, Mixing
1999 Mission: Control! Burning Airlines Producer, Assistant Engineer
1998 The Ice of Boston The Dismemberment Plan Producer
1997 Con Art Smart Went Crazy Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Farfisa Organ, Percussion, Sampling, Mastering, Sound Construction, Composer
1997 The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified The Dismemberment Plan Engineer
1996 F-Letter Frodus Remixing
1996 Now We're Even Smart Went Crazy Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ
Beauty Pill Describes Things as They Are Beauty Pill Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Art Direction, Sounds, Beats, Treatments, Group Member, Composer
Borrowed Arms 2 Foot Yard Mastering
Campfire Songs The Tall Pines Mastering
Dig Imaginary Johnny Mastering
Every Shape A Diamond Every Shape a Diamond Mastering
Fort Reno Benefit Compilation Composer
Freight Train Uncommon Denominator Composer
Local Currency Franklin Bruno Digital Mastering, Transfers, Assembly
Lunar Magus The All Scars Mastering
Nest Meredith Bragg Producer, Mixing
Pink Guillotine Sinister Quarter Mastering
Quiet Desperation Tragic Chemistry Group Member
Silver Sonya Meredith Bragg Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Soca Punk! Gallucci Mastering
The Simplest Thing Marika Hughes Mastering