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Ceo is Eric Berglund, one half of Swedish pop masters the Tough Alliance.
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A New Chance
Initially known as a cryptic, small-caps-only electro-pop project, ceo was revealed to be Eric Berglund, one half of Sweden's the Tough Alliance and co-owner of the label Sincerely Yours, which included Memory Tapes, jj, Air France, and the Honeydrips among its roster. Berglund decided to work on a mostly solo project (with some help from producer and labelmate Kendal Johansson) after the release of the Tough Alliance's third album, New Chance. The single "Come with Me" preceded White Magic, which was released in Europe in June 2010 and in the U.S. that September. The second ceo album, Wonderland, was released by Modular in early 2014.