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Los Angeles based underground MC noted for his penchant for unorthodox beats and his virtuosic, syllable packed delivery.
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Year Album Label AllMusic Rating User Ratings
Memoirs of the Elephantman
1999 Memoirs of the Elephantman Temporary Whatever
Temporary Forever
2002 Temporary Forever Temporary Whatever
The Weather
2003 The Weather Mush Records
Cosmic Cleavage
2004 Cosmic Cleavage Big Dada
Fear of a Black Tangent
2005 Fear of a Black Tangent Mush / Mush Records
2007 RoadKillOvercoat Epitaph
Jhelli Beam
2009 Jhelli Beam Anti-
2012 Beaus$Eros Fake Four
Perfect Hair
2014 Perfect Hair Big Dada
2015 Thumbs Temporary Whatever