As he's received greater recognition, Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Bruno Bavota's music has gradually become bolder and more experimental while retaining the emotional directness that has shaped his work from the beginning. First appearing with the pristine neo-romantic piano and cello pieces of Il Pozzo d'Amor (2010), his subsequent albums such as Out of the Blue (2016) and Get Lost (2019) have incorporated expanded instrumentation as well as more atmospheric production, placing importance on the environment surrounding the instruments as well as the melodies. 2021's For Apartments: Songs & Loops contained solo piano pieces as well as progressive synthesizer explorations. Born in 1984, Bavota started out playing acoustic guitar before concentrating on piano as his main instrument. His self-released debut, 2010's Il ...
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For Apartments: Songs & Loops 2021 For Apartments: Songs & Loops
Get Lost 2019 Get Lost
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