The intimate, noir-shaded rock of Chicago's Bnny (formerly Bunny) is the brainchild of bandleader Jess Viscius, who started writing songs with minimal chords after someone left a guitar at her apartment. Forming a band with friends and family active in the local indie scene, the project's whispery, tear-stained debut album, Everything, saw release in 2021. Writing her first songs in sessions over the course of several years, Jess Viscius eventually pieced together a regular band consisting of her twin sister, Alexa (bass), Tim Makowski (guitar), Adam Schubert (guitar), and Matt Pelkey (drums), all members of other groups. With some of the songs inspired by a tumultuous relationship and the rest processing the death of her partner, 2021's Everything took musical inspiration from the chord simplicity of the Velvet Underground. Recorded ...
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