Bitch Prefect

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Noisy Australian guitar pop trio featuring members of Peak Twins.
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Marilyn Monroe
A trio cranking out noisy, punky pop that evokes the greats of Flying Nun, Sarah Records, and Chapter Music, Australia's Bitch Prefect feature bassist/vocalist Scott O'Hara, guitarist Liam Kenny, and drummer Pat Telfer. All of the band's members are veterans of other acts: Kenny also plays in Peak Twins and Kitchen's Floor, Telfer is in Old Mate, and O'Hara also plays with True Radical Miracle. Bitch Prefect formed when the guys shared a house in the Adelaide suburb Keswick; Telfer and Kenny had been working on music together and invited O'Hara to help them finish it. The trio's debut single, Marilyn Monroe/Holiday in America, arrived in 2011 via the R.I.P. Society label. For their first album, 2012's slightly more polished Big Time, Bitch Prefect moved to the celebrated Aussie imprint Bedroom Suck. The band took a punkier turn on Bird Nerds, which was first issued in 2013 and earned a wider release in March 2014.