Arno Steffen is a Cologne based musician whose musical interests have oscillated between punk rock, experimental avant-garde music, and humorous pop songs. His 1984 single "Supergut (ne)?!" became a minor hit, but Steffen is best known for his association with the punk rock group Zeltinger and his fun trio L.S.E.. Steffen was born on August 28, 1953, in Cologne, Germany. While still in high school, the self-taught musician founded the Pink Floyd-influenced group Interstellar Overdrive (with writer Roland Kaehlbrandt), which existed from 1970 to 1975. After a short break, he continued making music, first with a band called Jennifer in 1977, then Suiciyde Ampheta (or Suicidyd Ampheta). After playing in an acoustic trio with his friend Juergen Zeltinger, he talked his Suiciyde Ampheta bandmates into forming a band with Zeltinger as a ...
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