Antony Holborne

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A shadowy figure before the late 1590s, Antony Holborne was one of the most acclaimed and prolific dance composers of his period.
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Year Album Artist
201? Elizabeth's Lutes Alex McCartney Composer
2018 Commedia! Commedia! Accademia Strumentale Italiana Composer
2018 Music in a Cold Climate: Sounds of Hansa Europe Gawain Glenton / In Echo Composer
2018 Nocturnal Jakob Lindberg Composer
2018 Orpheus Anglorum: Lute Music by John Johnson and Anthony Holborne Yavor Genov Composer
2018 Toys for Two: from Dowland to California Margret Köll / Luca Pianca Composer
2017 A Pleasing Melancholy James Akers / Chelys Consort of Viols / Emma Kirkby Composer
2017 Ars Magica Rossignol Composer
2017 Mad Dog Hopkinson Smith Composer
2017 The Topping Tooters of the Town: Music of the London Waits 1580-1650 The City Musick / William Lyons Composer
2017 Twelfth Night & Richard Third Claire van Kampen Composer
2016 Archiv Produktion: Analogue Recordings, 1959-1981 Composer
2016 European Tour Nordic Brass Ensemble Composer
2016 Fire Music: Infernal Flames and Celestial Blaze Katharina Bäuml / Capella de la Torre Composer
2015 As our sweet Cords with Discords mixed be: English Renaissance Consort Music Consortium5 Composer
2015 Cynthia's Revels The Flautadors Recorder Quartet Composer
2015 Droplets: 60 Minutes, 60 Pieces Composer
2015 Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes Paul Leenhouts / Royal Wind Music Composer
2015 The Flaming Fire Ryland Angel / Dongsok Shin / Parthenia Viol Consort Composer
2014 111 Classics for Christmas Composer
2014 Ferdinando Richardson: Complete Works for Harpsichord Glen Wilson Composer
2014 Living Stereo Collection, Vol. 2 Composer
2014 Serenissima: Music from Renaissance Europe on Venetian Viols Rose Consort of Viols Composer
2014 Taracea: A musical mosaic spanning five centuries Seldom Sene Composer
2014 The Image of Melancholy Barokksolistene / Bjarte Eike Composer
2013 Anthony Holborne: The Fruit of Love L'Achéron / François Joubert-Caillet Composer
2013 Made of Melting Snow: Elizabethan Consort Songs Rayuela Composer
2012 Blech aus dem Westen, Old Friends Wes10Brass Composer
2012 Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol. 2: William Byrd Pieter-Jan Belder Original Material
2012 Shipwrecked EX Composer
2012 Terpsichore: Muse of the Dance Capriccio Stravagante / Skip Sempe Composer
2012 The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol. 1: Bull, Byrd, Farnaby, Gibbons, Morley, Philips, Tomkins Pieter-Jan Belder Composer
2012 Tuba Mirum Les Sacqueboutiers Composer
2011 Music for Brass Ensemble Graham Ashton Brass Ensemble Composer
2011 To Shorten Winter's Sadness Passamezzo Composer
2010 Holborne: Pavans and Galliards, 1599 Consort of Musicke / Guildhall Waits / Trevor Jones Composer
2010 Julian Bream: My Favorite Albums Julian Bream Composer
2010 Pershing's Own United States Army Band Composer
2009 Brassfare Matthew S. Henry / United States Air Force Band of the Rockies Composer
2008 A Noble Noyse of Musicke: Vocal & Instrumental master works of the English Renaissance Royal Wind Music Composer
2008 Bose Homewide Music Demonstration CD Composer
2008 Musical Banquet Monika Mauch / Nigel North Composer
2008 Renaissance Duets Anthony Rooley Composer
2007 Musik für Laute Konrad Ragossnig Composer
2007 Tanzmusik von der Renaissance bis zum Biedermeier Konrad Ragossnig / Josef Ulsamer Composer
2006 The World's Globe Musicians of Shakespeare's Globe Composer, Original Material
2005 Love is Strange: Works for Lute Consort Vincent Dumestre / Le Poème Harmonique Composer
2005 Music for Viols: Dances, Fantasies and Consort Songs Fretwork Composer
2005 Old Christmas Return'd The York Waits Composer
2004 Brass Super Hits Composer
2004 The Baroque Brass Collection London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble Composer
2003 Go from My Window Nigel North Composer
2003 Music from the Royal Court Philip Jones Brass Ensemble Composer
2002 Rainforest Guitar [Columbia River] Composer
2001 Crystal Lanterns Amber Streams Guitar Ken Fackler Composer
2000 A Varietie of Lute Lessons Nigel North Composer
2000 Had Miles Met Maurice Peter Blanchette Composer
1999 The Woods So Wild Julian Bream Composer
1999 What Then Is Love? An Elizabethan Songbook Boston Camerata Composer
1998 Renaissance Holiday Mannheim Steamroller Composer
1997 Day Parts: Holiday Musik, Vol. 2 Chip Davis' Day Parts Composer
1996 Chip Davis's Holiday Musik Chip Davis' Day Parts Composer
1995 Gourd Sampler Composer
1994 As I Went to Walsingham Composer
1992 Music For Celtic Harp, Guitar, Lute, And Cittern Barnes & Hampton Composer
1990 Elizabethan Christmas Anthems Red Byrd / Rose Consort of Viols Composer
1990 English Renaissance Music Canadian Brass Composer
1990 The Fairie Round Shelley Phillips Composer
1987 Robin is to the Greenwood Gone: Elizabethan Lute Music Paul O'Dette Composer
Ancient Music Keith Hinchliffe Composer
Anthony Holborne: Cradle of Conceits Lee Santana Composer
As it fell on a Holie Eve: Music for an Elizabethan Christmas Julianne Baird / Parthenia Viol Consort Composer
Bose Demonstration Disc Composer
Cosmography of Polyphony: A Journey through Renaissance Music with 12 Recorders Royal Wind Music Composer
Dulce Melos Vince Conaway Composer
Ensemble Passacaglia Ensemble Passacaglia Composer
From Albion's Shores Farallon Recorder Quartet Composer
John Dowland: Clear or Cloudy Alfonso Marín / Valeria Mignaco Composer
La Strega and the Cunning Man in the Smoke DRCARLSONALBION Composer
Merry It Is! Shulamit Kleinerman Composer
Musical Humors & Lamentations L'Art du Bois Composer
Old English Songs and Dances Western Brass Quintet Original Material
Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore & More Christopher Ball / Praetorius Consort Composer
Sacred Songs of Mary Composer
Sweet Divisions Venere Lute Quartet Composer
The Harmonious Blacksmith: Favourite Harpsichord Encores Robert Aldwinckle Composer
The Renaissance Album Göran Söllscher Composer
The Tears of the Muses Kristian Buhl-Mortensen Composer
Welcome Yule: An English Christmas Revels The Revels Composer