40 Watt Sun

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40 Watt Sun is the new power trio project of ex-Warning vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Patrick Walker.
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The Inside Room
London-based 40 Watt Sun are a British doom metal power trio led by former Blistering Anal Sun and Warning guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist Pat Walker; drummer/percussionist Christian Leitch, former guitarist of the River and ex-kit man of the defunct Warning; and bassist William Spong, who is well known as a producer and engineer. The trio's music is characterized by its low-end downtuned distorted guitars, thickly layered tom-tom and kick drums, snail-like tempos, and introspective, poetic lyrics delivered through Walker's trademark natural and reflective vocals. 40 Watt Sun played their first gig supporting Wake at London's Scream Club in 2009. They cut their debut album, Inside Room, for Cyclone over three days and nights in late 2010; it was released in England and the rest of Europe during March, and in the United States during July.