USA for Africa

USA for Africa: We Are the World

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Artist Credit
Greg Adams Horn Arrangements
Bruce Allen Executive Producer
Laurie Altman Coordination
Jay Antista Engineer
Tom Bahler Associate Producer, Choreographer, Musician, Vocal Arrangement
Carroll Baker Vocals
John Barnes Musician, Rhythm Arrangements, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Arrangements, Synthesizer Programming
Marc Beeson Vocals (Background)
Veronique Beliveau Vocals
Salome Bey Vocals
David Bianco Assistant, Assistant Engineer
Roy Bittan Synthesizer
Michael Boddicker Musician, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Arrangements, Synthesizer Programming
Joe Bogan Engineer, Mixing
Niko Bolas Engineer, Mixing
Richard Bosworth Engineer
Liona Boyd Vocals
Michael Branch Assistant
Michael Brooks Engineer
Tom Brown Copyist
Jack Bruno Drums
John Candy Vocals
Carter Producer
Peter Cetera Bass, Vocals
Bill Champlin Vocals
Robert Charlebois Vocals
Joe Chemay Bass
Chicago Performer, Primary Artist
Ken Lei Chung Photography
Mario Cipollina Bass
Mario Cippolina Composer
Bob Clearmountain Mixing
Clarence Clemons Percussion, Saxophone, Vocals (Background)
Jimmy Cliff Composer
Tom Cochrane Vocals
Bruce Cockburn Vocals
David Cole Engineer
Johnny Colla Composer, Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals
John Coulter Art Direction
Burton Cummings Vocals
Paulinho Da Costa Musician, Percussion
Dalbello Vocals
Martha Davis Composer
Biff Dawes Engineer
Bill Dawes Engineer
Paul Dean Guitar
Steven Denroche French Horn
Gordon Deppe Vocals
Warren Dewey Engineer
Henry Diltz Photography
Claude Dubois Vocals
Marcel East Clapping
Sam Emerson Photography
Danny Federici Organ
Larry Ferguson Mixing, Mixing Assistant
David Foster Composer, Keyboards, Producer, Synthesizer
Humberto Gatica Engineer, Mixing, Musician
Bill Gibson Composer, Drums
Bob Glaub Bass, Contractor
Khaliq Glover Clapping, Mixing, Mixing Assistant
Steve Goldstein Keyboards
Brian Good Vocals
Randy Goodrum Composer, Piano, Producer
Bernie Grundman Mastering
John Guess Engineer
Corey Hart Vocals
Ronnie Hawkins Vocals
Chris Hayes Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Dennis Herring Guitar
Dan Hill Vocals
Glen Holguin Assistant Engineer
David J. Holman Mixing
Mark Holmes Vocals
Sean Hopper Composer, Keyboards, Vocals
Tommy Hunter Vocals
Paul Hyde Vocals
James Ingram Clapping
Michael Jackson Composer, Vocal Arrangement
Paul Jackson, Jr. Guitar
Doug Johnson Synthesizer
Doug Johnson Synthesizer
Kevin Johnson Composer
Louis Johnson Musician
Martha Johnson Vocals
Quincy Jones Choreographer, Conductor, Producer, Rhythm Arrangements, Synthesizer Arrangements, Vocal Arrangement
Marc Jordan Vocals
Jeff Jourard Composer
Fred Knobloch Composer
Ken Kragen Executive Producer
Bobby Lamm Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals
Robert Lamm Composer
Michael Landau Guitar
Geddy Lee Vocals
Paul Leim Drums
Jolie Jones Levine Production Coordination
Eugene Levy Vocals
Huey Lewis Composer, Harmonica, Producer, Vocals
Huey Lewis & the News Performer, Primary Artist, Producer
Gordon Lightfoot Vocals
Nils Lofgren Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Baron Longfellow Vocals
Jeff Lorber Drum Machine, Mini Moog, Moog Synthesizer, Synthesizer
Lee Loughnane Horn
David Malloy Producer
Kevin Maloney Synclavier
Richard Manuel Vocals
Richard Marx Composer
Murray McLauchlan Vocals
Michael Melvoin Musician
Frank Mills Vocals
Joni Mitchell Vocals
Kim Mitchell Vocals
Mark Mueller Composer
Anne Murray Vocals
Bruce Murray Vocals
Robbie Nevil Composer
Northern Lights Performer, Primary Artist
Aldo Nova Vocals
Catherine O'Hara Vocals
Michael Omartian Musician, Synthesizer Arrangements
David Paich Musician, Synthesizer Arrangements
Rachel Paiement Composer
James Pankow Horn
Thom Panunzio Mixing
Walter Parazaider Horn
Hayward Parrott Engineer
Richard Perry Producer
Steve Perry Composer, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Joel Peskin Saxophone
Oscar Peterson Vocals
Greg Phillinganes Clapping, Musician
Karla Phillinganes Clapping
Colina Phillips Vocals
Jimmy Phillips Keyboards
Chuck Plotkin Producer
The Pointer Sisters Performer, Primary Artist, Vocal Arrangement
Carole Pope Vocals
Steve Porcaro Musician, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming
Prince Composer, Producer
Prince and the Revolution Performer, Primary Artist
Madeline Randolph Assistant Executive Producer
Steven Ray Assistant Producer, Clapping
Mike Reno Vocals
Denny Rice Guitar
Howie Rice Drum Fills, Drums, Synthesizer
Lionel Richie Composer
John "J.R." Robinson Drums, Musician
Bob Rock Engineer
Kenny Rogers Performer, Primary Artist
Bradford Rosenberger Production Coordination
Mark Ross Assistant Producer, Clapping, Synclavier
Marcus Ryle Musician, Oberheim Synthesizer, Programming, Synthesizer
Wayne St. John Vocals
Terral "Terry" Santiel Percussion
Bob Schiely Assistant, Assistant Engineer
Thom Schuyler Composer
Patti Scialfa Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Jim Scott Assistant, Assistant Engineer
Toby Scott Engineer
Lorraine Segato Vocals
Daniel Seraphine Drums
Paul Shaffer Vocals
Graham Shaw Vocals
Leroy Sibbles Vocals
Jane Siberry Vocals
Liberty Silver Vocals
David Sinclair Guitar (Acoustic)
Bruce Springsteen Guitar, Producer, Vocals
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Performer, Primary Artist
Squeak Stone Assistant, Mixing Assistant
Garry Tallent Bass
Ian Thomas Vocals
David Tickle Engineer, Mixing
Tower of Power Horns Horn
James C. Tract Mixing
Tina Turner Performer, Primary Artist
Sylvia Tyson Vocals
Ian Underwood Musician, Synthesizer Arrangements
USA for Africa Performer, Primary Artist
Jim Vallance Associate Producer, Composer, Drums
Kin Vassy Vocals (Background)
Billy Joe Walker Guitar
Paul Warren Guitar
Paul Warren Guitar
Max Weinberg Drums
Scott Weinstein Assistant, Mixing Assistant
Sharon Williams Vocals
Terry Williams Engineer, Vocals (Background)
Cathy Worthington Clapping
Neil Young Vocals
Zappacosta Vocals
Alfie Zappacosta Vocals