Trying to Get by/Last Lost Fight

New Bomb Turks

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Trying to Get by/Last Lost Fight Review

by Mike DaRonco

Don't you just hate it when a band puts out like, 10 singles a month for three or four years and you're spending all this money and effort making sure that you have absolutely everything by this band? Then a year later they put out a compilation of all their singles which you must get because it has that one song that you've been looking for all these years and you can't get it anywhere else? Well the New Bomb Turks are one of those bands a nd the name of that compilation is called Pissing Out The Poison, in case you were wondering -yes this single is included on here. But if you're one of those stubborn record collectors who prefers the 7-inch package any day, then go for it man. But with these two songs, the Turks blast out their usual brand of blazing rock 'n roll -sort of like early Rolling Stones on 78 RPMs. And the B-side "Last Lost Fight" would be suitable for a moment of slow dancing with a loved one -up until the last minute where it picks up a little momentum.