Various Artists

This Is Urban House

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Artist Credit
Gary Deane Ahrens Composer, Executive Producer, Mastering, Producer, Remixing
Alix Alvarez Drum Programming, Keyboards, Mixing, Producer
Bashy Primary Artist
Steffen "Dixon" Berkhahn Arranger, Producer, Programming
Billie Primary Artist
Jeffrey Brown Vocal Engineer
David Caroppo Guitar
Kerri Chandler Primary Artist
Yves "Larock" Cheminade Producer
Mel Cheren Executive Producer
Ivor Chrichlow Producer
Roland Clark Composer
Copyright Primary Artist
John Crockett Composer, Keyboards, Primary Artist, Producer
Adam Cruz Executive Producer
Crystal Re-Clear Primary Artist
Tasita D'Mour Vocals (Background)
Dave Darlington Mixing
Thommy Davis Arranger, Composer, Drums, Primary Artist, Producer
DJ Rocco Mixing, Producer
DJ Spen Composer
DJ Technic Primary Artist
Djaimin Primary Artist
M. Dunn Composer
Toni Economides Vocal Engineer
Tyronne Ellis Primary Artist, Vocals
Marcey Evans Composer, Primary Artist, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Peven Everett Arranger, Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
Dennis Ferrer Arranger, Composer, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Primary Artist, Producer, Remixing
Fish Go Deep Primary Artist
Claudia Franco Composer, Primary Artist
Peter Gould Vocals
Grand High Pries Primary Artist
A. Judson Green Composer
KW Griff Keyboards
Ron Hall and the Muthafunkas Primary Artist
Quentin Harris Composer, Drum Programming, Instrumentation, Keyboards, Mixing, Primary Artist, Producer
Christophe Hoeffel Composer
Sam Holt Composer, Producer
Gary Hudge Producer, Remixing
Gary Hudgins Composer, Keyboards, Vocoder
Jaygun Primary Artist
Tracey K Primary Artist
Karizma Primary Artist, Producer
Kings of Tomorrow Primary Artist
Lain Primary Artist
Yves Larock Primary Artist
Georg Levin Arranger, Producer, Programming
Jamie Lewis Arranger, Composer, Mixing, Primary Artist, Producer
Lifelike Primary Artist
Angelica Linares Vocals
Craig Loftis Composer
Irvin Madden Composer, Keyboards
Marley Marl Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
Aston Martinez Composer, Instrumentation, Mixing, Primary Artist, Producer
Master Kev Composer, Primary Artist
Kris Menace Primary Artist
Gavin "DJ Face" Mills Producer
Miss Pattycake Composer, Primary Artist
Mr. Gee Primary Artist
Mr. V Primary Artist
Outwork Primary Artist
Neil Pierce Executive Producer
Stefano Pulga Composer
Axel Reinemer Vocal Engineer
Roland Richards Primary Artist
Rise Ashen Primary Artist
Sandy Rivera Composer
Rodamaal Primary Artist
Alex S. Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Bob Sinclar Remixing
Martin Solveig Composer, Primary Artist
Soul Central Primary Artist
Sean Spencer Composer
Sean "DJ Spen" Spencer Arranger, Drums, Executive Producer, Producer, Turntables, Vocoder
Three Kings Primary Artist
David Tobon "Vibes" Composer, Engineer, Mixing, Primary Artist, Producer
Timmy Vegas Composer, Instrumentation, Producer, Programming
Alessandra Volanthen Arranger, Vocals
Fred Volanthen Arranger
Wahoo Primary Artist
Andy Ward & Deep Josh Producer, Programming
Michael Watford Composer, Primary Artist
Michelle Weeks Primary Artist, Vocals
Esther Williams Vocals (Background)
Song Williamson Primary Artist, Vocals
Wookie Primary Artist
Scott Wozniak Producer, Remixing