So Far So Good

The Chainsmokers

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So Far So Good Review

by Neil Z. Yeung

Grammy-winning electronic duo the Chainsmokers continue their emo-pop evolution with So Far So Good. While the overall energy is familiar, fun, and groove-forward enough to provide proper escapism, the vulnerable lyrics and sad boy gloom could inspire unexpected tears on the dancefloor. Through the bright tropical vibe and pulsing beats, pained cries of "You only say you love me when you're high" on the Post-Malone-meets-MGK "High" and laments about relationship woes ("iPad," "Maradona," "Channel 1," and countless others) make this more of a breakup album than what casual listeners might be expecting from the outfit responsible for mid-2010s EDM anthems like "Closer" and "Don't Let Me Down." However, flipping the angle of approach from "depressing electronic dance songs" to "insightful confessions backed by electronic production" helps the cause, and So Far So Good ends up being fairly enjoyable. Like similar moments on 2018's Sick Boy, "If You're Serious," "Cyanide," and "I Hope You Change Your Mind" are synth pop gems reminiscent of the 1975. Meanwhile, additional standouts include the eye-popping epic "Testing" -- which morphs from an airy Bieber-esque ballad to a trap-EDM riot before finishing in a rush of '80s synths and an interpolation of "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory -- and "Solo Mission," whose wobbly vocal effects, synth stabs, grand orchestration, and whooshing production elevate the plaintive song above anything the pair have ever attempted. Considering how far they've come from the massive drops and frat-bro posturing of their breakthrough days, the Chainsmokers seem to be demonstrating more and more maturity and emotional depth with each successive album, especially on this aptly titled set.

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