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On his initial release, Relish, Peter Kuschnereit takes many of the ideas found on the Scion record and furthers them. "Relish (Original)" has three main elements that characterize the song. Lying far below its surface are some deep bass beats that hit hard and function as the song's rhythm. Juxtaposing these beats is a clanking rhythm that is subtle yet important to the overall rhythm of the piece. The third and most salient characteristic of "Relish (Original)" is a synthesizer melody that doesn't merely loop endlessly as the trademark riff of Vainqueur's Lyot did, but instead fluctuates throughout the song, sometimes building in intensity and other times decomposing itself. There are also two dub versions of "Relish" on the B-side that break apart and mutate the song's elements, restructuring the song. These versions are interesting but nowhere near as impressive as the original version, mostly due to the fact that they mute, or take the luster away from, the original's signature synthesizer riff. Similarly, there is a short version titled "Relish (Bonus)" that also drastically reworks the original to an interesting, but not as beautiful result. The locked grooves on this record are also another noteworthy characteristic, with one emitting a piercing, high-pitched buzz over and over.