Il Collo a la Collana


(LP - Alien Transistor #N 43LP)

Review by Paul Simpson

Released as Il Collo e la Collana under his moniker Rayon, Markus Acher's soundtrack to Eleonora Danco's 2015 film N-Capace is a brief but beguiling work consisting of gentle loops and acoustic instruments. He samples bits of shadowy strings and eerie vocals which are coated in fuzzy vinyl crackle, making them feel delicate as well as nostalgic. He deftly incorporates the samples with piano, glockenspiel, guitar, bells, and many other instruments, as well as sampled beats and drum machines. Most of the tracks on the album's second half are a minute or two in length, and feel more like sketches, but they're just as lovely as the more fully developed pieces.

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