Toshiya Tsunoda

O Respirar da Paisagem

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Toshiya Tsunoda has a sixth sense for finding potentially interesting locations to record. And he has a seventh for finding the right way to edit them and put them together to compose an ear-grabbing CD. O Respirar da Paisadem culls 14 field recordings between two and nine minutes long that Tsunoda groups into three categories. He gives the collective title "On a Boundary Line" to recordings of sounds standing between two spaces (indoor/outdoor, as in "Cicada and Window," where the chorus of cicadas slips into the room through the gap between the two window panes as they are rattled by the wind). "Context of the Space" captures ground vibrations and the sonic spirit of an unsuspecting location. "Observation and Object" groups field recordings of two of his sound installations involving sine waves and electromagnetic fields. Tsunoda's detailed notes are invaluable in understanding the uniqueness of each track, but if you choose to ignore them you will still discover the beauty of unknown places: the sounds of human life reverberating near and far in "Scenery of a Fishing Port"; a cargo ship, a trumpet player, and pigeons interacting even though they ignore each other's presence in "Road Between Warehouses"; or the secret life of old wooden floors in "Floor Boards." The album is not trying to tell a story, like some of Sarah Peebles or Kiyoshi Mizutani's works. Instead it feels like a slide show: the landscape is regularly pulled away from your ears and replaced by a new, intriguing one.