Eddie Money

Money Madness [VHS]

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Considering that he only arrived on the scene in 1977, this documentary about Eddie Money probably seemed laughably premature in 1979 -- 26 years later, it just seems laughable, especially when the artist declares in the opening minutes, "I wanna be remembuhed as a great singuh, and maybe a composuh." But seriously, released in between Life for the Taking and Playing for Keeps, the hour-and-a-half documentary (from New Line, of all companies) was designed to fill a gap, though where this was shown is anyone's guess. The VHS/Beta edition came out from Magnetic Home Video at a time when they were among the few companies even pondering the notion of "sell-through," with a "bargain" price (in the market as it existed then) of $40 or $50. In any case, it's a respectful treatment of its subject, for those who care, and an unintentionally funny blast from the past out of the late '70s for anyone else. One just can't visualize New Line rushing to remind people of their pedestrian origins by reissuing it on DVD, so old videotape copies are probably going to remain the way to see this.