Mike Oldfield: The Collection

Mike Oldfield

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Artist Credit
David Anchel Vocals
David Anchel Vocals
Johann Sebastian Bach Composer
Adam Barker Project Director
Adam Hinojosa Barker Project Director
David Bedford Arranger
Sebastian Bell Flute
Joe Black Product Manager
Graham Broad Drums
Paschal Byrne Digital Remastering
Francisco Centeno Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Roger Chapman Vocals
Roger Chapman & the Shortlist Vocals
Ray Chew Piano
Raymond Chew Piano
Tim Cross Keyboards
Patricia Deckert Vocals
Patricia Deckert Vocals
Daryl Easlea Project Director
Rick Fen Guitar
Rick Fenn Guitar
Garry Gazio Horn
Garry Gazio Horn
David Hentschel Drums (Steel), Engineer, Producer
Simon Heyworth Engineer, Photography
Iris Hiskey Vocals
Ashworth Hope Composer
Neil Jason Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Trevor Key Artwork
Mike Laird Trumpet
Mike Laird Trumpet
Paul Lindsay Engineer
Jerry Lordan Composer
Nigel Luby Engineer
Dana McCurdy Synthesizer
Pierre Moerlen Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone
Kurt Munkasci Engineer
Tom Newman Engineer, Producer
Mike Oldfield Accordion, African Drums, Arranger, Banjo, Bass, Bass (Acoustic), Bass (Electric), Bazouki, Bodhran, Composer, Electric Organ, Engineer, Fairlight, Featured Artist, Glockenspiel, Guitar, Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Classical), Guitar (Electric), Harp, Kettle Drums, Keyboards, Mandolin, Marimba, Mixing, Organ, Percussion, Performer, Piano, Primary Artist, Producer, Project Director, Spanish Guitar, Spinet, Strings, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Strings, Tubular Bells, Unknown Contributor Role, Vibraphone, Vocals
Sally Oldfield Vocals
Terry Oldfield Flute, Pan Flute
Chris Parker Drums
Leslie Penning Recorder, Unknown Contributor Role
Morris Pert Arranger, Percussion
Simon Phillips Drums, Producer
Mark Powell Artist Coordination, Liner Notes, Master Tape Research
Maddy Prior Vocals
Producer Engineer
Raymond Chew Piano
Maggie Reilly Vocals
Clodagh Simonds Vocals
Alex Smee Package Design
Phil Smee Artwork, Package Design
Rupert Smee Image Design
Philip Gavin Smith Vocals
Phillip Gavin Smith Vocals
Bridget St. John Vocals
Vivian Stanshall Featured Artist, Performer
David Studt Leader
Emma Sutcliffe Numerical Editing
Craig Thompson Digital Transfers
David Tofani Saxophone
Traditional Composer
Steve Winwood Organ
Ben Wiseman Digital Transfers