Richard H. Kirk

Loop Static

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The prolific Richard H. Kirk has come full circle. Having spent a good part of the '90s focusing on a psychedelic yet subversive brand of techno, Kirk's first music of 2000 harks back to the glory days of Cabaret Voltaire. LOOPSTATIC is at times dark, sinister, and gritty, a slab of dance music working its energy on rust-encrusted metal floors. Kirk's sound palette revisits the distorted, cosmic fuzz beats of CabVolt classics such as "Yashar," but he coats old analog processors in thick layers of aural digitalis.

"Devil in Your Name" is rugged techno made up of coarse bass sequences, sonic dust, and popping Kraftwerkian pulses. "With False Identity" sees Kirk bringing back his trusty radio receivers of old, conducting musique concrFte from arcane transmissions that morph into ambulance-siren dancehall music. The textures of "One Zero" seem to have arisen from a corrupted hard drive ready to obliterate the world. These are the beats to which Prozac-crazed cyberzombies dance. Kirk's tones resemble the take-off bursts of UFOs, and his rhythms stalk hungrily through the stereo field. Your very system hovers on the brink, rescued only as the incredibly hypnotic grooves gradually emerge.

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