Blaze Ya Dead Homie

Gang Rags

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Being on the Psychopathic Records roster means Blaze Ya Dead Homie has a built-in loyal audience, but his slow release schedule of one album per every three years shows admirable restraint. Even if the horrorcore rapper sounds like a lazy version of Psychopathic stalwarts the Insane Clown Posse, the entertaining Gang Rags suggests the snail’s pace is actually about quality control and no parent-alienating, depravity-filled album shall be unleashed before its time. It might also be related to Psychopathic's in-house producer Mike E. Clark’s availability, which would be a wise move judging from the killer set of tracks he’s crafted here. It's a great mix as Blaze’s gruff delivery bounces off thumping basslines and speaker-ripping electro throughout the album, and when Parliament/Funkadelic-styled choruses figure into some of the tracks it's a welcome influence from the rapper and producer’s hometown of Detroit. Sick humor laughs come from the oddball interludes and Blaze's porn store punch lines like the supreme “Work it like a Shake Weight” from “Damn Bitch.” Loyal Psychopathic fans only need to peek at the guest list -- featuring ICP, the Kottonmouth Kings, and the legendary Dayton Family -- for their green light, but the skeptical should check the uproarious “Swine Flu” or the Alice Cooper meets Cypress Hill-sounding “3 Evil Wizards” for some prime cheap thrills. The true perv should jump right to the end of the album as “Tokyo Spa” visits one of Michigan’s most infamous “health spas” and gives a blow-by-blow description including driving directions, door fee, and suggested tipping rates. People who should avoid the album include the easily offended, cops, and the Tokyo Spa’s Mama-San.

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