Steven Berkowitz


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Nature, vision, human, and machine all combine to create a unique synthesis of sound on Steven Berkowitz's second release, Dis/Recon. The movement of leaves floating on water is captured by motion camera. A computer converts the photographs into numerical data. Software written by the artists translates images from visual to aural language. The changes in positions of the leaves in physical space determine the changes in positions of notes in harmonic space. The final product, ultimately, is not any single image but the relationships between all when experienced together, a self- referential, lateral arrangement. Simultaneously perceiving the same image through more than one sense creates synaesthesia -- a profound state of mind that intimately connects our visions, thoughts and feelings to inspire our very essence. Reminiscent of the pioneering works of Eno and Roach, Berkowitz further pushes the envelope of deep ambient sound-sculpting.