Chemical World

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In contrast to the first part's focus on Blur's live abilities, the B-sides to the just-epic-glam-enough "Chemical World" on the second part looked at three new studio tracks. "Young and Lovely" fits in perfectly with Modern Life Is Rubbish's general aesthetic of psych/pop anthems, betraying the often unremarked upon XTC influence that clearly directed much of the band's work at the time. Andy Partridge could easily sing Albarn's chorus as he delivers it, for one thing. "Es Schmecht" is Blur in slightly obtuse mode, aiming for Wire-style angularity and detachment and finding it, somewhat uncomfortably. The addition of distorted keyboard-as-horn parts does make it more weirdly compelling towards the end, though. "My Ark" concludes the disc, a slightly heavier funk take on the indie dance moves with which Blur first came to attention -- it's okay enough, but not one of the band's strong points. More an exercise in previous styles.