Brad Adkins

Big Red

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After Brad Adkins' spoken introduction to Big Red, you'd expect him to stop talking. It would seem reasonable to assume that the introduction was intended as an intimate look at Adkins in the studio preparing to fine-tune his craft, thereby setting the scene for the remainder of the album. But he doesn't stop -- for the whole CD. Yes, Big Red is essentially a talk spanning the course of a disc. It's a bit like Ira Glass' non-nasal cousin substituting for the opening portion of This American Life, only longer. Much, much longer. Adkins discusses a wide variety of topics including b-boy stances, Marlon Brando, and magicians, to name a few. This CD could be ideal for a wide variety of purposes: if you want to have a conversation with someone during a long solo car drive, if you're used to talking to ghosts and need reassurance that they exist, if you're working through social phobias, if you're an insomniac, if you need to keep your pet company during the hours alone while you're at work, if you're attempting to learn the English language, if you want to deter burglars, if you want to annoy the neighbors living in a downstairs apartment while you're on vacation (thanks to the "repeat all" button, this could be a reality), if you want to confuse guests at a party by declaring this to be the best album ever, and on and on. Those looking for music should look elsewhere.

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