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Adjagas Review

by Chris Nickson

The Norwegian duo of Marielle Gaup and Lawra Somby are from the Sami people and make Sami joiks or songs in the traditional way -- but in very contemporary settings. In a way it's redolent of what Wimme used to do, but less ethereal, and with more of a debt to both indie music and psychedelic folk. There's a slightly ramshackle feel to it all, especially on "Mun Ja Mun," but there's also real beauty, which simmers on "Rievdadeapmi," whose mood is almost Chinese in the strummed melody. It's taking the joik in a new and decidedly younger direction. Not as cutting edge as some performers, there's a comforting soft ambience to "Silvu" and "Ozan" that can give the music appeal to a younger audience. You won't understand a word, but the joiks are meant to be abstract lyrical descriptions anyway, more about mood or flavor than specific descriptions. Perhaps the strangest track is "Lavvu Vuovddis"; with its banjo accompaniment, it sounds like a bizarre escapee from Appalachia. Overall, this is an interesting album, and you can admire the experimentation. The bottom line, unfortunately, is that it seems to lack the magic to make it stand out as something vibrant and brilliant.

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